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  1. there is a third party that sells ipod batteries for the 2nd G. it's like 24hour battery life for only like $30-$40, you have to install it yourself, but it's super easy

    holy crap, gonna look into this so I have a reason to use my ipod nano again. damn battery only lasts me 3 hours max :mad:

  2. I'm confused here :confused: I read this entire thread, and someone mentioned that s5000vx is slimmer than s5000bk. Is this true? I'm waist 28, and I'm going to order waist 26 (sizing down once or twice was recomended for bk), but if vx is slimmer than bk, than should I go with a waist 27?

    Thanks for any help! :) For clarification I'm ordering s5000VX not bk...

  3. I hav a couple questions about the samurai S5000vx

    1.When will the samurai.jp site have more stock of the s5000vx if they will? And should I try ordering from 2nd Rakuten instead?

    2.How much are customs taxes (Vancouver, BC) for Samurai.jp and 2nd Rakuten?

    3.If I'm normally w28 length 32, would the 26 waist option fit perfectly after soak? And how much should I except them to stretch?

    Thx alot to anyone who helps me answers this ;)

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