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    • Thank you! Lot of info to consider. What do you think about Joe McCoy and Jelado mentioned above?
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    • So, the BR Original Specs would work, I think. The others are wider.
      The Westpoint fabric which they are also made of is quite interesting. It's a bit shiny, very smooth. And probably due to that the beige colour, which I have, changes according to the light. The Pherrows are also very nice, with the khaki being more of a yellow-green. They fit smaller, I have a 36 vs. my "normal"34. The Deluxeware have currently a bit more of a brownish khaki colour. They are made of LHT chino cloth, but tightly woven. The TwoMoon are also great, but fit smaller like the Pherrows.
      The khaki is also more of a green-yellow.
      The 529 is a slimmer fit. The 536 are a bit wider. Colimbo Overland campaign trousers might also be an option. They are still available at mushman in 36.

      The Freewheeler ones look very good, too.
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  • Benzak Denim Developers
    European denim and lifestyle brand from Amsterdam

    Companion Denim
    Handcrafted denim from Barcelona

    Dawson Denim
    British made selvedge workwear from Hove

    Legendary Japanese denim brand

    Native American-owned denim line

    Japanese denim and streetwear from Tokyo

    Iron Heart
    Heavy duty denim

    Japanese denim

    Lone Flag
    Modern denim and menswear born in southern CA