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  • Nike Green & White Suede Blazer Mid '77 Sneakers
    $US 120


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    • I’m not a reseller, but I’m ok with resellers. The problem is, y’all think hating would make this better? Dude, u think ppl who live on reselling things would give a shit about what u said? All y’all gatekeepers hating with ur stereotypes would only drive new fans away.
        Me for example, I used to thought this is a forum with a bunch of techwear heads got a lot of knowledge to share, and a great platform for finding deals and I don’t even realized that u can vote to others post. Now I only think this forum got nice ppl for sure, and a bunch of toxic dudes being dick and kept saying u the one mad when they treat u like shit. Hell, a normal person would be mad after being bullied. 
        When I talk my real feelings seriously, these toxic ppl be like “chill out, it’s just a online forum”. And when I just troll when others trash rep me for no reasons (your rules are not that obvious, but if u tell me, I’m all hears), u got called out like I did. Peepoclap. 
        Ur ways of bullying ppl are not effective to keep guys u hate out of this community.
    • @TEKsevenZERO Oh, and the reason I don't put out a price is: 1. I love this jacket and im happy to keep it.  2. I paid an ridiculous amount for this (it's worth it for my own use), and I thought if I posted a price im willing to sell, ppl would think im trying to rip them off and trash rep me.  3. My PRIORITY is getting a trade not a sale.   I found your point of giving out an honest price instead of making this a bid reasonable. If that's how it works here, I would follow the rules in the future.
    • Warehouse Tennies and my new balances J. Crew 1400

      Norse Projects collaboration “lucem hafnia” 770 1500 1530 family pic
    • I did real talk last time and got more downvotes, I also did real talk this time. I found them reasonable. If they’re not, feel free to convince me or correct me. I’m a reasonable dude and I can take criticize. But I will also reply if I disagree with anything, in a polite and reasonable way if u do the same. But if y’all gna just trash rep my post I don’t know what part I did wrong in, I’ll just trash rep back. Peace 
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