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    • really when it comes down to it, people who are paying $1400 fat ones on a nylon jacket that is desirable because of cut, fit, and materials want to know how it will fit and have as much info as possible before purchasing.  if you are down to drop over a G on a coat that you can put on (but does not fit not how you want it to) thats on you.  you seem to act like you are extremely knowledgeable about this,  yet your answer is that the sizing doesn't change "that much".  That's your depth of knowledge after buying ACR for years? That doesn't tell anyone jack shit.  Is "that much" a quantifiable value that you can measure? lmao please let us know how one can measure "that much" ,  good sir , all of us are patiently waiting   
    • More brands offering a size 35 instead of jumping from 34 to 36... 
    • Thanks! Did you get that shrink from a machine wash or tub soak? 
    • This whole thing got thrown way out of context. Nobody said or implied that the hood wouldn’t change drastically between S-L or whatever. However- It won’t change that much between a small and medium by and large in Acronym products. Which is what we’re discussing. Not other products. Somebody just felt the need to throw out random hood sizes based on various items in the Acronym catalog. Not the size differences in those actual items. I don’t get why this is so hard peoples. 
    • I have a pair of BSP-AI from SE, and they shrank 1.6“ in waist and an inch in length after a warm soak, and 2.1“ in waist and 1.8“ in length and 1/4“ in thigh from original raw measurement) after warm wash/line dry.  Waist has stretched back to original size after a month, and contemplating putting them in the dryer (the blasphemy!) to get any last shrink out. Love these jeans and the denim fades fast to a beautiful blue.  Have a raw pair of the 3005 AI that I‘ve stashed and raw it looked to be pretty much the same denim.   That said, the two jeans had very different actual measurements though tagged the same, and rises were different, so maybe not apples to apples.
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