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  1. 3 hours ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    This REALLY bugs me ... acronym stuff used to be just throw it on and it works in every respect and you don’t have to put thought into how you line up a zip or anything like that. I can handle the ever-rising price point but this is just going backwards and they have killed multiple awesome pieces for me with this type of issue. Training yourself to learn a technique like this ... you really shouldn’t have to do it when you’re paying this much. I just send the offenders straight back before I get into this mindset although I always want to keep them as they are typically 98% awesome and I do understand! “Maybe I can just learn to zip it this way and it’ll be ok” ... these pieces are upwards of €1.5K!!!

    My take anyway and I do understand why people keep the gear and adapt to it. I was gonna get a J83 but know this one won’t work for me now.

    I get what you're saying, and agree that the 83 zipper is pretty problematic... not a fatal flaw for me but pretty annoying. I would have been much happier with a YKK single zip tbh. I have pretty high expectations for stuff I buy but don't expect perfection, everything is flawed and as you get deeper into clothes you become better at detecting them. Maybe at a certain point it becomes about what flaws you're willing to tolerate and what are dealbreakers. Either way assuming high price = flawless is a recipe for anger and disappointment IMO. 

    I def wouldn't describe Acronym stuff (especially jackets) as "throw it on and it works in every respect though," the pieces take time to learn how to "operate" and fully utilize which is part of the fun. My love for the 83 has grown as I've spent more time with it and used it in different scenarios, but I do worry about the zipper failing lol. If it does, hopefully Acrnm will come through with a replacement or something. 

  2. Lol. I have an 83 and don't find the zipper that bad, just took a little practice to get it right. I find pulling the bottom of the jacket away from my body when lining up the zippers and zipping up helps avoid the zipper catching on the ribbon. YMMV apparently. 

  3. WTS:

    J47-GT XS 9.5/10 (tried on) no spec sheet $1150

    NG4-AK 9/10 (worn but perfect condition) $250

    P23-S black small 8.5/10 (just stotz fade) $900


    J74-PX small

    J29-PX small

    J65-WS small

    J65-AJ small 

    P27-DS (also open to P27H) small

    P24A-x XS 

  4. WTS/WTT: 

    J47-GT XS 9.5/10 (just tried on) no spec sheet $1350 $1250

    P23-S black small 8/10 full pack $925

    P35-DS small 9.5/10 full back $1100


    J47A-GT small

    J47A-WS small

    J74-PX small 

    P24A-anything XS (name your price :ph34r:)

    P10-S small 

    P27-DS small

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