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  1. WTS:

    J1B-GT white small 8.5/10 (worn several times, just washed with granger's 2 in 1, very slight discoloration on wrists) $1450 or trade for your J1B dust or RAF small


    3A-5 Black (not SS21 version) 

    P10-DS/S small

    J72-DS small 

    S8-DS small

    S18-BR small

    LA6A/B-DS small

  2. can confirm P38 are most suited to being worn at the natural waist, and the waistband is huge. i like how they look with cropped jackets and tucked in tees. the hip tension zip pockets give off a cool layering effect. 


  3. WTS/T: 

    S24-DS-B XS black an -A alpha green, brand new $415 shipped CONUS

    SP28-DS XS black, brand new $780 shipped 

    9/10 Crimson LF1, US 8, $515 shipped

    7/10 DS-LA3, small, full pack


    J29-WS small :)

    P24A-S small

    P23-S RAF small 

  4. 1 hour ago, Kamikaze said:

    pretty sure its related to the sizing and sitting causing issues. cant be when standing and moving around. hope you get a fix

    Not sure if it's necessarily related to sizing, can't imagine it was in my case. Acronym was pretty easy to deal with and fixed it for me

  5. WTS: 

    9/10 J1B-GT white small full pack $1700

    9/10 LF1 all white 7.5 US $300

    WTT (not looking to sell ATM):

    9/10 P23A-DS small full pack

    looking for the following in small: P23-S raf, P24A-DS, J74-PX, J47A-WS, J47TS-GT white

  6. 11 hours ago, Cornuto said:

    Didn’t anyone cop P33-DS?  They’re quite straight, if a bit slouchier than combat pants. 

    33’s and 31’s are all I’m wearing nowadays. P24 cut is nice, but DS blows Stotz away in terms of versatility.

    P33 are a fantastic straight leg pant. I especially like that they don't have webbing sewn into hem, makes them sit really nicely on shoes. 

  7. 13 hours ago, beepy said:

    Who needs a grocery bag when you have DEEP pockets? You know how many bananas you can stash in them bad boys?

    deep pockets for the bananas, cargos for the nut butter :)


  8. On 1/14/2021 at 5:55 AM, dixonschneider said:

    Should i be worried about GT seams coming off like this? Any way to easily re-glue this?


    You can use Tenacious Tape to patch the tape or try to re-glue it. If you're properly caring for the jacket and the delamination is localized to that spot, there's no need to worry really. 

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