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  1. WTS:

    J47-GT XS 9.5/10 (tried on) no spec sheet $1150

    NG4-AK 9/10 (worn but perfect condition) $250

    P23-S black small 8.5/10 (just stotz fade) $900


    J74-PX small

    J29-PX small

    J65-WS small

    J65-AJ small 

    P27-DS (also open to P27H) small

    P24A-x XS 

  2. WTS/WTT: 

    J47-GT XS 9.5/10 (just tried on) no spec sheet $1350 $1250

    P23-S black small 8/10 full pack $925

    P35-DS small 9.5/10 full back $1100


    J47A-GT small

    J47A-WS small

    J74-PX small 

    P24A-anything XS (name your price :ph34r:)

    P10-S small 

    P27-DS small

  3. WTS: 

    P33-DS Small 9/10 full pack $1300

    P10A-DS Small 9.5/10 (just tried on) full pack $1100

    P30A-DS XS 9/10 (really only looking for trades on this)


    P24A-anything XS (name your price :ph34r:)

    P10-s small 

    P27-DS small

    P31-DS small

    J84 small 

    Any DS shirts in small


  4. Some pics of the S23-AK. This is my first Acr knit piece and I'm really enjoying the openness of the fabric. Seems to optimize the temperature regulation of the wool and make it useable in different environments/temps. Bit of an oversized fit, but nothing too extreme. Pretty good deal as far as Acr goes too. 



  5. On 9/11/2019 at 7:37 AM, bouncingsoul said:

    I coped a Cevian SS shirt at -50% and I wanted to share with you guys what I think of it. 

    The fit is quite comparable to the Frame Tee, maybe a touch slimmer, but not much. The fabric it‘s made from however is amazing. It is very mesh-like, almost as breathable as my Uniqlo Airism Mesh shirts, but the sensation, the feeling and the looks of the fabric are completely another level. Its extremely comfortable (although not very stretchy) and has a nice feeling next to skin. Also durability seems decent so far. It absolutely does not seem as fragile as the Airism Mesh for example.

    Would I recommend buying one? Hell Yeah! If you are looking for a high quality super breathable tshirt that is perfectly fine for wearing it all day long (and not only for sports) this is your shirt!


    Thanks for the review post! I'm a big fan of the Cevian too, love the fit, durability, and material. I bought two colors and have worn one nearly every day this summer, still going strong. The pattern is also really unique and cooler than the Frame. Hope they bring it back in more colors for SS20. 

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