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  1. On 9/17/2021 at 1:16 PM, kobebean said:


    9/10 SP28-DS, small, full pack SOLD

    BNWT S24-DS-A, small, full back SOLD

    Dropped prices of above

    Also WTT:

    9/10 J46-S RAF, small, no sheet $1700

    WTB (all small):




  2. WTB: 

    J72-AK Small

    Have stuff to offer for a trade as well. 


    SP28-DS, black, small, 9/10 (worn a few times, no flaws), full pack $700

    S24-DS-A black, small, brand new, full pack $300

    LF1 all white, US 9, 8.5-9/10 (just a little wear on soles) $280

  3. 4 hours ago, eidolarr said:

    Yeah... I've got a J83-WS, and while the GTX Pro is obvious, I wouldn't have known it had anything to do with infinium until this discussion :?

    it's not obvious that the shell is Infinium? 

  4. 23 minutes ago, wexler said:

    It wasn't very straightforward when Gore rebranded WS as Infinium and had the film out stuff included under that umbrella. They might have started with FO labeled as Infinium and then expanded to include WS idr exactly. Yeah all the PB and FO products are considered to be "Infinium tech" even though you get persistent beading whereas WS isn't WP. Whatever the the face is laminated to gives it a different feel/look as well (ex: J62/63-PB, J63A-FO vs. J46-FO, J67-FO).



    I think this is correct across the board, but I haven't handled all the variants of these fabrics that Acr uses:

    FO/PB = membrane is the face fabric (Shakedry)

    WS = membrane is the backer (and may or may not include a stitched third layer next-to-skin like J29-WS, J68-WS) 

    GT = 2.5L or 3L Gore-Tex where shell, membrane, and backer are all laminated together (PL is kind of an exception here but that might be getting too technical) 

  5. WTS:

    J1B-GT white small 8.5/10 (worn several times, just washed with granger's 2 in 1, very slight discoloration on wrists) $1450 or trade for your J1B dust or RAF small


    3A-5 Black (not SS21 version) 

    P10-DS/S small

    J72-DS small 

    S8-DS small

    S18-BR small

    LA6A/B-DS small

  6. can confirm P38 are most suited to being worn at the natural waist, and the waistband is huge. i like how they look with cropped jackets and tucked in tees. the hip tension zip pockets give off a cool layering effect. 


  7. WTS/T: 

    S24-DS-B XS black an -A alpha green, brand new $415 shipped CONUS

    SP28-DS XS black, brand new $780 shipped 

    9/10 Crimson LF1, US 8, $515 shipped

    7/10 DS-LA3, small, full pack


    J29-WS small :)

    P24A-S small

    P23-S RAF small 

  8. 1 hour ago, Kamikaze said:

    pretty sure its related to the sizing and sitting causing issues. cant be when standing and moving around. hope you get a fix

    Not sure if it's necessarily related to sizing, can't imagine it was in my case. Acronym was pretty easy to deal with and fixed it for me

  9. I've had this problem too, it's from stress on the seam connecting the front and back pockets when sitting.

  10. WTS: 

    9/10 J1B-GT white small full pack $1700

    9/10 LF1 all white 7.5 US $300

    WTT (not looking to sell ATM):

    9/10 P23A-DS small full pack

    looking for the following in small: P23-S raf, P24A-DS, J74-PX, J47A-WS, J47TS-GT white

  11. 11 hours ago, Cornuto said:

    Didn’t anyone cop P33-DS?  They’re quite straight, if a bit slouchier than combat pants. 

    33’s and 31’s are all I’m wearing nowadays. P24 cut is nice, but DS blows Stotz away in terms of versatility.

    P33 are a fantastic straight leg pant. I especially like that they don't have webbing sewn into hem, makes them sit really nicely on shoes. 

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