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  1. I am curious about the nature of the blackseed denim that may differ from denim used by makers who rigorously one-wash their jeans before they see any wear from their future owners. My understanding is that many of the one-wash models sold by Japanese denim makers have been put through a washing and drying process at the beginning of their life that is pretty harsh, removing nearly all shrinkage, and they seem to avoid any serious issues. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, mpukas said:

    Roy has told me this, too. I don't understand what he means by "mess up" the denim. He actually wanted me to send him back a pair of Memorial's for a refund that were too big instead of washing & drying to shrink them. He has his recommendations, and I wouldn't argue with him. I've washed mine 2-3 times before wearing them, and I don't think that I've "messed up" the denim. To me the denim shrinks so much that I want to get all the shrink out up front. 

    @mpukas I'd prefer to remove as much shrinkage as possible as well, at least before fades start showing up to the point they could shift noticeably after washing.

  3. 2 hours ago, heyson said:

    When I spoke to Roy through email about the Test Lot R01's, he told me not to go crazy trying to get shrinkage right off the bat. Give an initial rinse and wear until broken in totally (6-9 months) and then machine wash warm. That was his exact advice. He said that there is tension in the fabric that needs to relax through wear, and if machine washed too early it will mess up the denim. I'm not entirely sure, but like I said that was his word.

    That is very interesting. Can anyone around here attest to their Blackseed denim being adversely-affected by frequent washing in the first 6-9 months? I would be concerned about movement of fades from shrinkage if the jeans were first washed after almost a year of frequent wear.

  4. 1 hour ago, Broark said:

    You might get a little shrink with the next couple of washes, but it should mostly be in the waist on top block and will stretch out pretty easily.
    Don't worry too much about them, I think you'll be okay to wash going forward. They fit you well!

    Thanks so much! Yeah, my main concern is the thigh. I’m pleased with the room I have now, and there’s some space for additional shrinkage, but I know that if the the thigh gets too snug after washing I’m basically SOL at that point.

    I’m considering one more hot wash after a few wears to ensure the shrinkage is eliminated, but haven’t decided for sure. Definitely avoiding the dryer.

  5. Having done a hot machine wash to get these as close to their final state as possible, I am open to any and all washing insights and recommendations from those of you acquainted with Cone Blackseed's response to washing over the long haul. I like the fit where it is now: Enough room in the thigh and knee to allow me to move freely while still semi-fitted. Still, I'd like to avoid babying these jeans through their life. I'm considering cold machine washes when needed. How much remaining shrink do you think I can expect if I go that route moving forward?

  6. The new RT2s arrived on my doorstep from Self Edge this past Wednesday. I gave them a cool soak for an hour, followed by a hot machine wash (no spin). The pre/post measurements are as follows:


    Waist: 16.5”

    Front Rise: 11.5”

    Back Rise: 15.75”

    Thigh (1” from crotch): 12.375”

    Knee (13” from crotch): 9”

    Opening: 8.125”

    Length: 37.125”


    Waist: 15.625”

    Front Rise: 11”

    Back Rise: 14.5”

    Thigh (1” from crotch): 12”

    Knee (13” from crotch): 8.5”

    Opening: 7.75”

    Length: 34”

  7. I'm new to the forum, and a (happy) new Roy denim owner, with a question about next steps in the washing and (maybe) drying process to get my jeans all shrunk out...

    I just snagged a pair of the Roy x SE R01s (size 31) and for a high-waisted jean they fit me TTS on the initial try-on. I put them through a hot machine wash (no spin), and hang dried. The waist shrunk down from 31.25" >> 30", and after roughly 4 hours of wear around they house they easily stretch out to almost 32". 32" is comfortably loose on me, and I am interested in getting all the shrinkage out of these that I can without going too crazy on the waist. That said: Can anyone attest to the ability of Cone Black Seed to stretch back out to raw measurements in the waist after a machine wash AND machine dry, perhaps on low? If I'm knocking the gate to a world of pain, let me know, and I will take heed.