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  1. 9 hours ago, Sureal said:

    Yup, a J46 that appears to have the new fold-in hood.  I would def be interested in a J103-WS...

    J103-WS with lining like the j99u-ws, I am definitely down for it.

    Anyone know what does gtv feel like compare to gtpl?

  2. I just received v91 and wow, genuinely surprised by how versatile it can be, armhole / hem uncinched for a loose fit and cinched for puffy look. Definitely the best piece from this season. Hope they make an unlined version for the summer. 

  3. On 12/24/2022 at 1:27 PM, Coronal said:

    Guys, I need help with sizing of p23a and p30a now..

    I have p41-ds and p37-ds in M size which is a tad short on me. I'm planning to sell them. I'm 180cm, 78kg (5'11", 172lbs)

    But my p34-ds in M size fits perfectly on me lengthwise

    I was planning to size up to L for my next pants but after reading this post, I'm starting to have doubts..

    Can I get away with p30a or p23a in M size or just size up to L?

    I am the same height and I happen to have p37-ds and p23a-s in m. For me, the length is just enough and it would be perfect if they’re 1 to 2cm longer. So if you find your p37 a bit short, maybe p23a size L would be a better fit (you can always wear them higher on the waist if you find them a bit long). 
    On a side note, the site list errolson’s height 183cm and wear size m, but I was told by a retailer who have met him in person, that he look shorter than me. Keep that in mind when you use his fit pic for reference. 

  4. On 10/7/2022 at 12:16 AM, FelixRevolt said:

    Acronym website update.

    Hope they sorted out their ordering system. Last time I ordered and received no email confirmation or tracking details. Got me worried for a bit. 

  5. 13 hours ago, WiseFool said:

    Is it just me or do the p41-ds and p44-ds look to be the same pants? Typo i'm guessing? Pics in question are found in the j29-lp and la6b-ds product pics. 

    On the topic of typo, why is J29-LP not name as J44, the collar and zip arrangement obviously is from J44. Have they got the model wrong :blink2:

  6. Not long now until we have multi colour pants. Probably p30 with multi colour cargo pocket and swappable cuff sleeves


  7. On 2/24/2021 at 2:20 AM, BRICK DOM said:

    Does anyone else wish E would offer pants with wider hems (8.5 in +) again? I feel like pretty much every pant has a taper and it’s kind of unnecessary, for example the p34 would look a lot better without the awkward taper below the knee. Just my 2 cents 

    Basically the reason why I got the p37, with a slightly wider hem and a more straight cut. Definitely one of the more toned down pants. 

  8. On 2/19/2021 at 4:59 AM, NinjaGuyInToronto said:

    This version has Velcro/GT cinches at the cuffs, which don't appear to be on the old version. 

    J69-gt has the cinches at the cuffs. It actually has a second cuff edge (not sure how u should call it) and u are able to fold the Velcro inside the cuff to hide it. That’s how I like to wear, more streamline. The only other jacket I know which has the same cuff is j67-fo. 



  9. I waited so long for these shirts in ds material. LA8 and LA6 are two different styles of shirt and I am happy they made two different fits. Personally I wouldn’t size down on the LA8, just get the LA6 if u want a slim fit shirt. 
    Now can we have some short sleeves for a true summer acr fit :ph34r:

  10. 1 hour ago, tresend said:

    finally after a few kinda lackluster collections I’m really happy with the newer stuff coming out. tensionzip is a just a plain cool and practical new feature, I like the tight style collars as they’re not as bulky and look cleaner than the 3D collars, and generally having more color options is really nice. 

    (I kinda dreamt of an RAF of alpha green P30A after the P31A came out but didn’t anticipate them actually doing it, using different DS colors opens up a ton of pieces to get new cw’s)

    overall excited to see what’s next especially with the 3A sneak peeks we’ve gotten, honestly kinda hoping for more shorts in the future but I doubt that’ll happen lol

    While the new collar on the j28-ws is nice but I also feel it lost some of its identity with the exclusion of fast hood. Would be perfect if they somehow made the bucket hood stowable. 

  11. 32 minutes ago, scamster said:

    cheers geezer, do you think going up one full size is enough?

    I have them in the same size and I have no problem with that. Honestly I don’t think they are that much different in size. If u want a looser fit maybe go up half size in the dyed pair. 

  12. 4 hours ago, scamster said:

    heard the same but wasn't sure it was only coloured shoes.

    apparently the process of object dying shrinks the shoe, not surprising with the heat needed to achieve the effect bbs gets.

    if anyone has both the non-dyed and dyed can they enlighten us if this is true?

    I have both (bamba 2 hi), the dyed pair definitely feel tighter initially. I figured the fabric will stretch out over time, but I haven’t wear them enough to find out.

  13. 2 hours ago, wexler said:

    I’ve done warm w/ Grangers double rinse no issue. Now back to fw20 or should we continue speculating acrnm’s business model?


    Maybe it’s the puffiness, I feel the j68-pl raf looks a lot better than the j68-s raf

  14. 49 minutes ago, Kamikaze said:

    at around 178cm i guess i can pass on that size large still on site :(

    I am 180cm 72kg and got a medium. They fit ok, but every time I wear them, I always wonder how a large would fit. I think a large would give me a little bit more flexibility, wearing higher up on the waist with no break / wearing on the hip with a full break at the hem.

    The medium that I have could only give me a no break or showing ankle.

  15. Length of p36 is very strange, seem like E is wearing them very low on the hip.

    Wondering how are you guys wearing these beltless pants? I feel too insecure to wear these low on the hip :blush2:

  16. Personally I think the jacket is fine as is. But a 2 way zip would make it much more interesting, as the cut of the jacket tends to flare out at the lower section, having the bottom open would be more appealing to me. 
    2 way zip let you close the collar and open the bottom which can’t be done by the snap button. 

  17. 6 hours ago, SlackJackflack said:


    can see collar zipped while bottom is unzipped in first one and can see the other pulltab in the other pic. I went ahead and emailed as well just to be sure but not the worst error imaginable.


    Mine are the same as yours and I think you are right, I don’t realise before you posted this. You can just about see the bottom slider. I think they will have to recall them just like they did on the j63a. 

  18. 3 hours ago, mikon_nikon said:

    i'm mostly wearing it popped (?) and not zipped.

    I like to wear it popped as well. Took me a second to try to zip the thing :laugh2:

  19. The fabric pattern near the edge (around 1cm) is different and looks like it would stop the fraying. My explanation is that without the binding, the back of the jacket become more soft and smooth, less chance of developing “panty line” at the back of jacket. :rolleyes:

    That being said, it’s only my speculation. I hope it is normal and I am not alone in the world. 

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