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  1. g.m


    First pic is a dead giveaway, the size tag material is off
  2. Her: J66-GTV/Nike/Nike-Acronym me: J1A-GT/P23TS-S/3A-5TS/Hoka
  3. g.m


    I’m curious what made you dislike the Raccagni zipper, since I love the one on my J47R. Was it a longevity issue?
  4. g.m

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB (for me) J1A-GT 2.2 size L must be flawless and full pack WTB (for a friend) J28-GT size L J28-K Size M/L (mainly blue, but would consider all except red and purple) both London based. Cheers
  5. g.m

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB 3A-3TS any cw except Olive any condition located in the UK
  6. E-J1A 3A-5TS P23TS-S Drkshdw
  7. Craig Green hood E-J1A 3A-5TS Needles Cargos Kiko Kostadinov Asics
  8. g.m


    The hood is Paclite yes.
  9. g.m


    There are Acronym samples, @benta9000 has one. Edit: so not strictly an Acronym sample, my apologies
  10. g.m


    I believe it’s identical in every way to the 08 J1A, including zippers, gravity pockets, nextec Epic tag, interops, etc etc. The stitching on the right of the front panel is for the inside pocket as you can see here.
  11. g.m


    Hi guys. I wanted to see what the SuFu Acronym community has to say about this piece. I am almost certain it’s a sample version of the E-J1A from (I think) 2008. What points me to this being a sample is the lack of stitching around where the flak pocket would normally be(highlighted in red), which means no pocket was ever attached to the jacket. The jacket needs some work but is in overall great condition and I’m glad I picked it up. Please let me know your thoughts, especially whether you think it’s a sample or not.
  12. I would say it’s a E-J1A with the flak pocket removed but there is no stitching where the pocket would have been. Apparently it was bought at a trade show in Berlin, so the sample route is what I am going for until I get more info. Feel free to message me on Instagram @chegustav or on here for more info.
  13. E-J1B sample (?) 3A-5TS with 3A-MZ3 SVR pair P23TS-S Salomon S/Lab