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  1. Oh my god, I can only imagine what would happen if that big red thingie had a leak somewhere while it's pressing!

    I used to work at a dairy packing butter, and whenever the machine broke down somehow there would be just masses and masses of butter everywhere. We had to go in and clean them with water hoses and things that were kind of like screen wipers. I would always reek of butter whenever I got home, so much so that my friends wouldn't watch football with me (had the 3pm-11pm shift).

    Do you smell like sweet apples at the end of the day, b_F?

  2. 1 hour ago, mandel9000 said:

    Day 10, off to work with lil' doggo. I've actually worn the jeans every day since the start of the contest and I can already see some nice creases and fades coming in. It's been a while since my last new pair, but these seem like pretty fast faders.

    I think you're right about that last part.

    This is what the fly and crease on the thigh look like on my pair after 8 days:



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