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  1. 16 hours ago, FelixRevolt said:

    I have recently picked up a J33-E and I’m well pleased with it. Really like the encapsulated nylon material. It’s lightweight and feels great as many of you have expressed before. The cut of the jacket feels roomy, yet fitted. I’m glad I went with a smaller size. The access from the left external pocket to the internal pocket is useful. And the hood design is super cool.

    How are people finding the J33-E after a bit of time?

    I picked this up at release and have worn it a handful of times; I like the drape but find it a tad bit too roomy in general. I do quite like the hood, which fits better than many of the hoods on ACR GT shells that I have. I also like the general idea of the chest-level hand pockets; I have these on a couple other jackets (not ACR) and really like them on those, but the ones on the J33 are placed a bit awkwardly and asymmetrically as @skycrawler noted (I personally find it weird that my hands overlap while I have them in the chest pockets). I also find this one a bit awkward to wear without using the zipper -- it doesn't have a great natural resting shape while open, and the center button is a bit low making it a bit floppy on the top. The fabric is certainly nice, as are the sleeve hitch tabs since you can actually more easily shorten the sleeves with the E fabric. I do wish it didn't have the gravity pockets, though; I find these pretty generally useless on all the ACR jackets I own, and it's a bit annoying to have them get in the way of pushing up the sleeves to hitch at the tab with the rigid WR zips. They also feel somewhat out of character with the jacket somehow, but perhaps this is because I'm mostly used to seeing them on the GT shells.

  2. On 11/28/2019 at 2:21 AM, Calbeee said:

    Hate to be that guy, but does anyone have fit pics with the J50S?  Been searching and only seem to be able to find stock pictures, and just a few other pics.


     I was hugely considering the J78ws, but opportunity arose to buy a J50S for less than half the price of the 78.


    Just not 100% yet as it the pictures I have seen look a bit more fitted than I prefer.


     I would like to wear this as a stand-alone, as well as a possible liner inside my J28.  Never owned stotz so don’t know what that’s like as welll

    Not the best, but a couple pictures of the J50-S in RAF. I usually wear this by itself, but have worn it as a liner a few times and it fits under my various GT shells in the same size.  



  3. 1 hour ago, NinjaGuyInToronto said:

    If it's like the J50, you cannot access the interior pockets from the outside of the jacket.  They have dual-entry on the inside only.  The exterior pockets are separate and single entry.  

    Yeah this is correct. The photo caption is just referring to the exterior loop for the jacketsling (sewn under the armpit area) if you want to mount the sling on the outside, I believe. 

  4. 2 hours ago, wexler said:

    Aren't they the interior pockets? Copy should really list as 6 pockets total

    Yes, those are the interior ones, which can be accessed from two sides (both zips for each pocket are inside the coat though). If you count the backwards-facing side pockets as separate, more like 6 on the jacket, yeah.

  5. 12 hours ago, Yardsale said:

    Is the J78-WS almost identical to the J50-WS? The only thing I could tell that was different was the sleeve and arm pocket detail. No hate, I own the J50 and love it to bits.

    I don't know if the -WS version of the J50 had additional changes, but I have a J50-S and they are pretty similar, yes. The main difference aside from the lack of sleeve pocket is that the hand pockets on the J78 wrap backwards as well as forwards, so there is extra capacity to stash things there if you want them accessible without unzipping the jacket. The YKK center zip on the J78 is also a bit nicer than the Raccagni ones on the J50-S.

  6. Thoughts on the 4 pieces that dropped recently after trying on in person:

    J44-SD: This was the one I was probably most excited for having seen the pictures, but in actuality wound up not really doing it for me. The fabric is definitely cool, and I hope to see it used more often in the future. The design of the jacket just didn't seem to quite come together for me, though. The hand pockets didn't feel particularly convenient to access for whatever reason, and the vertical entry pockets seemed like they would not be particularly useful in practice. The partial collar zipper also felt a bit odd -- I liked the look of the collar standing up better than folded down, and even though the zipper doesn't go all the way around the collar, it still will poke you in the neck / get caught in your hair if it's flipped up. Perhaps an iterated version of this design will land better with me, but it just felt a bit half-baked.

    J78-WS: I liked the simplicity of this one a lot. To my eye, looked better in person than in the product photos -- the cut is very precise and worked well on my frame, and the lower hem which doesn't gather in the front gives it a cleaner look straight-on while keeping the warmth in. Hand pockets are generous and easy to access intuitively, and the coat overall (including the pockets) is quite warm. This is the one piece I ended up picking up from the second drop after trying them all on. I wore this today in ~30s weather with no shell on top of it, no gloves, just hands in coat pockets, and stayed very toasty with a buttondown + sweater under (actually had to open up the sweater collar a bit as I was walking around). Pleased with this purchase, certainly.

    LA6B-AD: I was quite tempted by this one -- this looked quite a bit different in person than in some of the earlier product photos I had seen. It felt less like a shirt and more like a cardigan, and was a more toned-down looking fabric vs. the J77 from the first drop, so for myself there would be more everyday situations I could wear it in, though mileage there will vary of course. The photos above from @solographik illustrate it quite well. I have a few other Acronym sweaters as well as a DS version of this same shirt, but almost sprang for it regardless.

    P33-DS: After feeling somewhat disappointed by the pants in the first drop I was more hopeful about these (particularly since I often prefer some of the cleaner-looking Acronym designs), but they actually fit worse than the P34s on me. The lack of belt loops is not ideal (I have about a 28-29 inch waist, so even at the tightest I could get the belt, these were just barely staying up), and the quantity of fabric just made these look clownish on me. Part of it is the patterning; I have the P27s in the same fabric and they drape and fit much more cleanly on me overall. I saw another customer try these on though and can confirm that they do indeed look good in person if you have the correct build for them :)

  7. 2 hours ago, ArmandGLA said:

    Thank you for the j79 fit concerns. I usually wear size large in all acornym - but I think medium should be fine, even with an insulator (All my insulators are large) will I have issues with a large insulator and a medium j79 jacket?

    Not being either size in question here and usually being the smallest available size in Acronym, I can only hazard a guess here, but I would think this would be fine. The one thing I would be concerned with in this particular case is that the body of the J79 seemed very short -- if you don't want the insulator to show below the hem of the shell, you might want to check the measurements carefully against one another. (I would do this in general, also to make sure the sleeves will not suffer from the same issue, but I think Acronym shells usually have the sleeves cut very long so this seems less likely to be be an issue.) In terms of simply being able to fit the bulk of the insulator beneath the shell, though, I would think for most insulators you'd be fine.

  8. 3 hours ago, CountZatara said:

    Since it's technically wool, do you expect any overheating issues or do the perforations offset that? I'm excited to feel the fabric in person. 

    I think the combination of wool + loose knit makes it fairly flexible in terms of temperature regulation. I only wore it for a few minutes, but when I just had it on over a merino buttondown, it added some noticeable but not excessive warmth. Layering it under the P29, I got the sense that the extra insulation would be more meaningful (combo of wool + trapped air), though I didn't keep both on for long enough to say decisively. Probably depends a bit on what you want to wear under it, but in "fall/winter"-type outdoor temperatures, I don't imagine you'd find yourself overheating if wearing it either as just a sweater, or as an insulating layer (when you presumably want to be warmer anyway).

  9. 1 hour ago, dreamboatjustsoul said:

    how does it size? the measurements do seem rather small. 


    12 hours ago, meccaNIZM said:

    Is it me or do those j29 measurements seem TIGHT!!

    Yes, the J29 is definitely on the slimmer size in terms of the Acronym jackets I own -- probably the closest in terms of chest measurement is my J68-WS in XS. I was able to fit the J77-AM underneath it easily, but that is not a very bulky item due to the loose knit. I just tried it on over a much bulkier Iron Heart sweater (this, for reference: https://www.selfedge.com/iron-heart?product_id=1046) and could still button / zip up the J29 -- when buttoning it the fabric pulled noticeably at the center, though not straining it overmuch; when zipping it, it looked more normal, but definitely no longer "sleek" (I also was wearing a buttondown + tshirt underneath the sweater). If you were just wearing this as a liner and didn't really care about the style, you could probably take your normal size and still fit a sweater under it.

  10. 2 hours ago, RapGameTaylorSwift said:

    Thanks for sharing. From the product shots, I also thought the collar on the 47 looked slightly revised. With the hood out, the TS seems to hold its shape better, which is something that has always bothered me on my 47R.

    One question: Does the 47TS have the same high pocket that the 47, 47A, and 47R have or does it only have the one that dips down like the 47A? Surprised the product shots don't show the full pocket array.

    Assuming that by high pocket you're referring to the same chest pocket configuration as @brainerd666 -- I don't remember this super well to be honest but the configuration of the internal chest pocket may be slightly different from the 47R. I think the opening may have been angled slightly downwards as opposed to the "catch pocket" style of the inner chest pocket on the 47R, but I don't remember it clearly enough to stake money on that. Also, with regard to @brainerd666's point on the chest zips, definitely agree that a one-way zip would be preferable. However, the 47TS has an important advantage here in that the position of the outer "pouch" part of the pocket visible on the exterior of the jacket serves to act as a clear guide for where you need to open the outer zipper in order to access the inner pocket -- I can say that this felt very natural to me; without really thinking about it I zipped it open to the internal pocket and could access it without fiddling around.

    Can confirm as well that the hood out on the TS version seems to wear more naturally than the R version; it came shipped with the hood out as opposed to the way I recall the R shipping. Personally I prefer to keep the hood stowed on mine (and generally prefer those jackets where I can remove the hood), so this is probably part of why the redesigned collar felt weird to me, but if you like to keep the hood out I think it looks better on the newer version, yeah.

  11. I'm not particularly surprised to see that the prices have gone up as much as they have; if your product sells out within minutes (as in the last couple releases), you are definitely leaving money on the table, and resale prices (which are observable on Grailed) confirm that.  I personally paid about 2K for a J53 on Grailed (which felt like a lot at the time but now looks like a decent price, incidentally...), and while I was happy to get the jacket, I felt pretty badly that E and company saw nothing for that transaction.  I don't think this means that prices can never go down, though -- at a certain point, you're leaving money on the table in lost sales instead (or foregone interest -- gotta watch your opportunity costs), or your operation requires more upfront revenue vs. a trickle of sales over time, etc.  I don't get the sense that Acronym is a large enough operation to have a staff economist working out pricing for them, so we may be seeing some rougher estimates here, but I'm glad to see them at least trying to triangulate a price point that makes them more money rather than giving the market away to resellers.

  12. 3 hours ago, RemarkableArmor said:

    Really like em too. Didnt notice any weird looks yet. Not sure if i just put on a load of weight but seem tighter round the waist than other acronym pants.

    I tried on a pair in S expecting that they wouldn't fit at all, but actually they weren't terribly loose, so I think these are definitely a bit smaller in the waist than advertised (P16s in S are the only Acronym pants I've tried that actually fit).  They looked much baggier than in the official product photos on me, but were fairly comfortable -- they felt more like joggers with those elastic cuffs and minimal pockets than a "military trouser" to me.

  13. 2 hours ago, nodre said:

    haven wanted $1992 i think for J61-GT ...


    bodega will be $1718.


    any idea why retailers mark up so differently? maybe customs cost? or just trying to cash out

    For Haven specifically I think it's a combination of strong CAD at the moment + the fact that they mark the value of shipments down for customs so that you are only paying the Canadian tax (as opposed to places like Bureau Belfast or the Acronym site itself, which have different prices depending on whether you are inside or outside the VAT zone). With MA sales tax the Bodega one will be around $1825, so still a bit cheaper due to this:


    (I miss earlier this year when Haven had some actually good deals... even Canadian brand stuff like Veilance is now mostly at parity with US prices on their site.)

  14. 3 minutes ago, cornerska said:

    I wasn't sure if the prices had been known yet? I scrolled back and didn't see them. That's the only thing that I was getting my jimmies all rustled about

    Yeah, prices were shown while these were up for pre-order for a bit on the 20th.

  15. 4 minutes ago, vir2L said:

    Wow, I didn't know the thumbhole part for the hands could be detached... I thought the zipper was a pocket or something. Acronym made no mention of that and only referenced the sleeves.

    I definitely would've pulled the trigger on this if they modeled it like you did.

    Thumbhole part isn't detachable, there's just a zip on the top of the wrist so you can access your watch.  Still pretty cool looking though.  The thumbhole bit is also cut in such a way that the sleeve fits pretty normally if you don't stick your thumb through, which I appreciate.

  16. 11 minutes ago, Voyager said:

    I would agree except J62 gets a Gen 1.1, as does S14-AM.

    62 has the hood now... arguably bigger change than the front fasteners on the 56 as it's a new feature of the garment, but yeah, I don't know if the version numbers / naming conventions are always consistent.

  17. 7 hours ago, Voyager said:

    I placed three orders on drop day for three separate items (P25H, SM1, J28).

    I’ve gotten tracking numbers for two of the three items. I’m assuming it’s the two items I won’t need to pay duties for since they are both out of customs without issue and are on a truck to be delivered today (woo hoo!).

    Past four drops it’s been like this for me. Items that require duties required more paperwork on the exporter’s end and they are slow with it. Sometimes takes up to 5 business days. Be patient.

    This is concordant with the response I received from ACR this morning asking the same question -- specifically they told me anything above EUR 1000 has additional customs processing that takes "a few days".  Was happy in any case to receive one of my items this afternoon that shipped quickly after the 20th :)

  18. 5 minutes ago, airkenny said:

    help me understand what the purpose for the huge azz velcro patch on the j16 is for? 

    I think Hobbes had the best answer to all such questions a while back...


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