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  1. xh79


    Not being either size in question here and usually being the smallest available size in Acronym, I can only hazard a guess here, but I would think this would be fine. The one thing I would be concerned with in this particular case is that the body of the J79 seemed very short -- if you don't want the insulator to show below the hem of the shell, you might want to check the measurements carefully against one another. (I would do this in general, also to make sure the sleeves will not suffer from the same issue, but I think Acronym shells usually have the sleeves cut very long so this seems less likely to be be an issue.) In terms of simply being able to fit the bulk of the insulator beneath the shell, though, I would think for most insulators you'd be fine.
  2. xh79


    I think the combination of wool + loose knit makes it fairly flexible in terms of temperature regulation. I only wore it for a few minutes, but when I just had it on over a merino buttondown, it added some noticeable but not excessive warmth. Layering it under the P29, I got the sense that the extra insulation would be more meaningful (combo of wool + trapped air), though I didn't keep both on for long enough to say decisively. Probably depends a bit on what you want to wear under it, but in "fall/winter"-type outdoor temperatures, I don't imagine you'd find yourself overheating if wearing it either as just a sweater, or as an insulating layer (when you presumably want to be warmer anyway).
  3. xh79


    Yes, the J29 is definitely on the slimmer size in terms of the Acronym jackets I own -- probably the closest in terms of chest measurement is my J68-WS in XS. I was able to fit the J77-AM underneath it easily, but that is not a very bulky item due to the loose knit. I just tried it on over a much bulkier Iron Heart sweater (this, for reference: https://www.selfedge.com/iron-heart?product_id=1046) and could still button / zip up the J29 -- when buttoning it the fabric pulled noticeably at the center, though not straining it overmuch; when zipping it, it looked more normal, but definitely no longer "sleek" (I also was wearing a buttondown + tshirt underneath the sweater). If you were just wearing this as a liner and didn't really care about the style, you could probably take your normal size and still fit a sweater under it.
  4. xh79


    Some in-person impressions of several of the pieces from this first release: J61-GTV: I have never been particularly enamored of any iteration of this coat, so I didn't bother to try this one on. Looked fairly similar to the -WS and -GT versions which I had seen / tried on during previous releases; obviously your mileage will vary if this is a style you like. Didn't look like anything drastically different from the earlier iterations to me, though. Admittedly I am not the right person to ask for details about this one. J79TS-GT: This is a very boxy cut, much larger for the tagged size than I would have expected. My friend who usually wears L or XL in Acronym jackets could easily fit into the M on this; for my own frame I think it is a bit too large (5'9" 125lbs). The front pocket array is interesting, but doesn't feel like it would be as useful as the J1A to me. I did like the look of the hood, despite not usually liking jackets where it cannot be detached or stowed. J29-PX: This looked better in person to me than in the photos. The fabric doesn't seem as translucent as the previous -PX coat, and the fuzzy lining in the body was an unexpected (and in my opinion, nice) touch. The collar in folded-down blazer mode is a little questionable given the thickness of the fabric, but I think it looks pretty great standing up, and I like the pocket array on this one. This was the one piece I actually ended up purchasing, though I was tempted by a couple others. J65-AJ: I liked the general look of this pattern in the -AJ material quite a lot. The silhouette flares outwards noticeably in profile (not actually pictured in any of the official product shots), which on my frame looked a bit funny -- it's not a particularly even flare, either; it gave me sort of an artificial paunch. On someone with a sturdier build where this fits more tight to the frame, I think it would look really great, though. Definitely more interesting to me than the boiled wool versions of this jacket from the earlier season. J77-AM: This was the piece I was most tempted to purchase aside from the J29. I tried it on over a black buttondown, and it looked great. The hood is not bulky at all, so I didn't mind it being attached to the sweater. My favorite detail was the shoulder pockets; they give it a bit of an aggressive silhouette without being over the top. I don't know how this would look with something other than a long-sleeve black shirt under it, and the price feels a bit too high for what it is, but I did quite like this one. P34-*: I was a bit torn over this one. I tried it on in the -E fabric, which I liked a lot and thought was suitable for the pant -- I own a J33-E, which is a nice pattern, but I think the -E fabric probably works better for pants than jackets, though this is a personal preference. I didn't try on the -S version but probably wouldn't personally consider it, since I own a lot of pairs of Stotz pants and liked the lighter feel of the -E fabric. I also really liked the tapered silhouette of the ankle, which broke at just the right height for me wearing sneakers. However, the waistline on these pants is very large -- impossible for me without a belt, and if I unclipped my belt to go to the bathroom I'd have to carefully hold them up, which isn't something I'd really like to worry about in practice. I also found the cargo pocket array a bit overwrought and somehow uninspiring. I would be very interested in a version of this pant without the cargo pockets though (or at least without the zippered pocket on the left), and a smaller waistband for the tagged size. NG5-AK: I didn't put this one on, but this was very soft and comfortable to the touch. It is quite wispy; seemingly moreso to me than the long -AK neck gaiter with the "2-part hem" from a few seasons back as I recall, though I could be misremembering. Kind of expensive for what you're getting though. I didn't get to see the hat in person, but assuming it is the same fabric as the J65, I think it'd be quite cozy. I don't wear a lot of hats though, so I don't have strong feelings on the style.
  5. xh79


    Assuming that by high pocket you're referring to the same chest pocket configuration as @brainerd666 -- I don't remember this super well to be honest but the configuration of the internal chest pocket may be slightly different from the 47R. I think the opening may have been angled slightly downwards as opposed to the "catch pocket" style of the inner chest pocket on the 47R, but I don't remember it clearly enough to stake money on that. Also, with regard to @brainerd666's point on the chest zips, definitely agree that a one-way zip would be preferable. However, the 47TS has an important advantage here in that the position of the outer "pouch" part of the pocket visible on the exterior of the jacket serves to act as a clear guide for where you need to open the outer zipper in order to access the inner pocket -- I can say that this felt very natural to me; without really thinking about it I zipped it open to the internal pocket and could access it without fiddling around. Can confirm as well that the hood out on the TS version seems to wear more naturally than the R version; it came shipped with the hood out as opposed to the way I recall the R shipping. Personally I prefer to keep the hood stowed on mine (and generally prefer those jackets where I can remove the hood), so this is probably part of why the redesigned collar felt weird to me, but if you like to keep the hood out I think it looks better on the newer version, yeah.
  6. xh79


    Was able to check out several of the pieces in person today; a few of my brief impressions: J47TS (Black): This actually looked better in person than in the photos, IMO. I already have the J47R so I couldn't really justify it, but trying it on I was certainly sorely tempted. The pockets generally are thoughtfully laid out; I think the left chest pocket is superior to the one on the R version. The one thing I didn't like so much was the collar -- it seems noticeably taller on the TS than the R, and looks slightly awkward to me, at least on my frame. Definitely one of the pieces I liked best, though. J47TS (White): This did not look as good in person as in the photos. The material seemed like it would dull / discolor / stain easily; just taking it out of the plastic bag it attracted some bits of dust and fibers floating around and they were highly evident against the white background. All-white is admittedly not my style, but even so, I had been attracted to this piece by the photos before I saw it in person. I'm guessing this is one that others might really enjoy, just wasn't for me. P23A: In the photos, I liked the look of the RAF better; in person I liked the black better (and actually bought a pair). These are definitely cartoony / cosplay-ish, but fun, and more utilitarian than something like the P26 (also a fun pant) given the extra pockets. The seat is kind of ridiculously wide, presumably because Stotz has no give and they're designed to allow you to move freely, but if you have less of a slim frame than I do they'd probably look more "normal". J63A: The FO fabric looked better in person than I imagined from the photos (more kind of future-synthetic, less pleather), and the hand-feel was slightly different than I expected, but I still can't quite dig it. Design-wise I actually really like the cut of this one, but it's also incredibly similar to an old Vexed Generation leather jacket I have with a full-face zip so I wasn't overly tempted. Definitely the nicer of the FO jackets in my mind, though. J46: I have the J46U-WS, and it's probably one of the Acronym jackets I wear most often, but I didn't really like this one too much. The lining made it feel kind of "overstuffed" somehow, which is the same impression I feel like the product photos give; combined with the FO fabric I just wasn't feeling it. J72-AK: This was a standout piece to me, and the other one along with the P23A that I ended up actually purchasing. The fabric is interesting and quite good-looking IMO, and I love the simplicity -- even though it has jacketsling loops attached, and I'm sure the marginal cost of a jacketsling is next to nothing, I kind of liked that they didn't include one with the jacket; the stripped-down cleanness of it (no pockets on an Acronym jacket!) I found strongly appealing. J74: I only saw this in the white, which looked amazing -- this is the one piece I actually regret missing out on this season. The fabric is essentially translucent, which I didn't quite realize from the product photos, and the way it behaves in the light in the real world is really appealing. The cut is also quite nice, and I like the black contrast details on the white jacket.