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    I picked this up at release and have worn it a handful of times; I like the drape but find it a tad bit too roomy in general. I do quite like the hood, which fits better than many of the hoods on ACR GT shells that I have. I also like the general idea of the chest-level hand pockets; I have these on a couple other jackets (not ACR) and really like them on those, but the ones on the J33 are placed a bit awkwardly and asymmetrically as @skycrawler noted (I personally find it weird that my hands overlap while I have them in the chest pockets). I also find this one a bit awkward to wear without using the zipper -- it doesn't have a great natural resting shape while open, and the center button is a bit low making it a bit floppy on the top. The fabric is certainly nice, as are the sleeve hitch tabs since you can actually more easily shorten the sleeves with the E fabric. I do wish it didn't have the gravity pockets, though; I find these pretty generally useless on all the ACR jackets I own, and it's a bit annoying to have them get in the way of pushing up the sleeves to hitch at the tab with the rigid WR zips. They also feel somewhat out of character with the jacket somehow, but perhaps this is because I'm mostly used to seeing them on the GT shells.
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