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  1. J1WB-E arrived this evening. With hefty taxes, this is one big investment. I ignored the tube of spikes - not my thing - and went on to try just the jacket. This is my second E jacket after J33-E which I like very much, and i immediately felt the weight of the four front zips. It might be because the E material is so much lighter than GT (from when I used to have a J1A-GT) that it became very apparent. E always feel sort of slightly luxurious when new, and slowly grow understated over time. I’m not a big fan of the extra velcro tabs on the shoulder and sleeves, feels kind of cheap tbh. Aside from that this jacket is awesome.

  2. Just received my J113-SD. I have found myself recently outgrowing size S in ACR jackets, so I got a M this time in spite of the wide cut. But man, this thing is wide, and I had second thoughts of returning it for a S, but I convinced myself to stick to M. At that size, I can even use my Andwander diamond down jacket as mid-layer.

    Love the two big dump pockets, but the one that I find hardest to access is the small horizontal pocket on the top left. I layered it with a polartec fleece, and its really comfortable, and Im really beginning to dig the design. The sleeves are a tad long, but I folded it back and it felt okay and workable.

    The hood is the highlight, but if I am to wear a mid layer that also has hood, I find it hard to zip it all the way up to eye level, maybe my head's big.

    I haven't had a new ACR jacket in a while, and sold quite a few of my older pieces because of size. But I am really liking this.

  3. P38-E arrived this morning, tried on at home.

    Very light, nowhere as heavy as my DS pants. E fabric is a joy to wear especially in Spring. The pockets don’t pull open as effortlessly as Erlsn did in the demo videos (or maybe I am just clumsy), but they are positioned perfectly and very utilitarian. The silver fly zip is not as prominently awkward because of the equally shiny waist pocket zips on both aides, so i consider this iteration of P38 as a significant improvement. Because of the waist pockets, I am thinking whether I should wear them slightly higher than usual, a little above the hips. I like the tension cords that can be used to tighten the pants (so i can wear it without belt), but I am unsure if it using it repeatedly over time the stretch will loosen. Haven’t had a chance to take it outside yet, will take some pictures when I do :)

  4. WTS:

    P10-S (SS18), Black size S, condition 8/10, full pack - $800

    J63A-FO (FW18), size S, condition 9/10, full pack - $1000

    J47R-GT (SS17), size S, condition 7.5/10, full pack - $1100

    PM me for pictures and offers. Price not including Paypal fees and shipping from Tokyo, Japan.

  5. 34 minutes ago, AvantSol said:

    @skycrawler thoughts? Does it have any acr typical features(aux zip etc)?

    No aux zips. It is certainly more Tilak than acronym, even the exterior texture of the GT fabric felt different, more rugged than the Acronym shells. But there is the same dna running through the piece in its design approach.

  6. Acronym x Tilak evolution jacket arrived this morning. It came with a small booklet with pictures of the jacket.

    I had never worn Tilak before. Before Acronym, I was mostly wearing Arcteryx (about a decade ago or more?) and this evolution jacket felt a lot like the Arcteryx's flagship Alpha SV jacket. When worn it feels really like a true blue mountaineering piece where every design element is completely utilitarian and not just for the looks. When zipped up all the way the lower half of the face is sheltered the same way as the SV jacket, which is very comfortable. I love the velcro mechanics on the cuffs, its really convenient and easy to use.

    I wore Acronym size S, and this jacket in size S fits me perfectly. I will keep it :)

  7. 11 hours ago, Zeddsan said:

    Also got mine today. 5'10 size M. Strangely found it too roomy around waist and drawcord can barely hold it up. Now regret didn't get a S :sad:

    I am 5'5 and I wear a P23A-DS in size M and P30A-DS in size S. Both of which I can tighten till it hold up. So I find it strange that you cannot tighten it fully. I ordered the P31A-DS in size S, waiting for it to arrive from mothersite. Shipping to Asia is somewhat slower.

  8. 1 hour ago, Kamikaze said:

    ive never been burned with fake stuff. its mostly with the condition of the item

    I've purchased two acronym pieces which were fake from Yahoo auction over the years. But they were well made enough that I did not realise immediately. On the other hand, I've also had 3-4 authentic acronym transactions on Yahoo. You should really scrutinise the post before buying. A brand new acronym item at significantly lower-than-retail price will certainly be fishy.

  9. For me the most interesting piece this drop is the J87-WS. I dig how it drapes at the back, and the front jacket sling?? Need some demonstrating how utilitarian it is gonna be. Although I probably prefer a tougher fabric to the WS, like the E fabric, so it is not just a raincoat-like pull-over.

  10. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this thread (been mostly over at the techwear/acronym thread).

    But I have been a long time denim head, and I thought I like to share my thoughts about something from the PBJ Harajuku shop just two days ago.
    I treated myself to their BKAI-013, which was really amazing to see in person. On the website and their instagram, the AIBK-013 looked really beautiful, but that BKAI-013 is truly special and one of a kind although I am quite skeptical about the color which is more grey than black which is why I had to go down to the shop to see it for myself. I had their AI-003 for a couple of years, and the texture of the fabric on the skin is identical, but the color of the BKAI is really somewhat like a Chinese/Japanese ink painting. It is not dark or deep, but it has that wabi-sabi quality to it that really attracts me. Hard to describe until you actually handled the fabric in person. There will be little to no fades on both the sumi and AI, according to the man attending to me in the store. When I asked which he will recommend (between BKAI and AIBK), he immediately replied it will be the BKAI. I can't wait to really break it in.


    15 hours ago, Geeman said:

    Considering them myself. Have you looked at the Oni azumi x  black. 

    Since some of you spoke about the Oni, I thought I briefly mention it. I've wore it for two winters, and the Oni 20oz BKBK fabric is hell of a comfortable, the black is beginning to turn grey at high impact points, but its one of my favorite jeans at the moment (compared to my Samurai, Kuro and ironheart).

    But I only wear it in colder weather, so for now BKAI will be my go to jeans this summer :)

  11. 1 hour ago, FelixRevolt said:

    I have recently picked up a J33-E and I’m well pleased with it. Really like the encapsulated nylon material. It’s lightweight and feels great as many of you have expressed before. The cut of the jacket feels roomy, yet fitted. I’m glad I went with a smaller size. The access from the left external pocket to the internal pocket is useful. And the hood design is super cool.

    How are people finding the J33-E after a bit of time?

    I had it since last Summer, it is my only Acronym "long" shell (though not quite long really) and I am quite pleased with it. It is quite water resistant in spite of the thin material, drapes really well, and I like the roominess of the pockets. Though I did find the pockets positioning slightly awkward, the lower ones too low and the top ones too high for me to put my hands in comfortably. But it is a minor inconvenience. Almost a year later, it still feels as new as it did last year. I have yet to washed it. It is too thin for winter, so it only lasted till late Autumn for me.

  12. 31 minutes ago, owetoe540 said:


    Have you guys considered using a steamer? I use mine for almost everything and it works wonders to remove wrinkles without damaging fabric. Just a suggestion. I have the J44SD but haven't worn it yet sadly. 

    My J44SD (RAF) came with the wrinkles right from the very first day. I noticed it immediately when I took it out of the ziplock. I think it is more apparent on RAF than black, but I assumed it was an inherent part of the fabric and I never saw it as a flaw.

  13. Another fit picture of the J44-SD in green, been wearing it almost everyday the past week, and loving it! The dual zip aesthetic when using the zip expansion reminds me of some older gt jackets.


  14. 5 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    Honestly the J33-E is f***ing great. Shame the material isn't more water resistant though, that's what keeps me from pulling the trigger right now..

    Wore J33-E today. Yes the material is certainly not quite water-resistant as compared to stotz or CH, but the light weight fabric is very enjoyable to wear, .. Tokyo is 21 degrees this evening, and wearing it felt very pleasant in the cooler almost-summer night.

  15. received J33-E in black today, hard to take pictures so I am just going to write about first impressions:

    1. Fit: I am small for all acronym shells, and this one has a very straight and comfortable fit, not tight, plenty of space for layering. 

    2. Fabric: It feels very similar to some of my marmot climbing pants, between a CH and a Stotz, it feels closer to a CH. It drapes very nicely, I think some of the pants like the P25 should be made in this fabric. Because of the nice drape, my favored configuration for this jacket is actually to use the one inner button and leave the zips/other bottons undone, similar to this:


    It really drapes very nicely, and shows a nice silhouette.

    3. Color: Cannot go wrong with black, especially Acronym. But when I first received the piece, I imagined what it would be like in the alpha green, and that image is somewhat attractive to me. I reckon that it can also be a very nice color despite how i mentioned disliking it in a previous post. I still don't think I will go through the hassle of swapping it just for the color. Black still suit me more I think.

    4. Pockets: One of the highlights for me. The bottom two pockets I will use to put my hands in. The top two, are cavernous, they are huge inside and I think that the center pocket connects to the same compartment as the top left pocket. It is one of those very delightful and functional discovery that you cannot see from the picture of the jacket.

    Overall a nice piece for cool summer nights and spring/fall. I don't think it is heavy duty enough as a outer-shell for harsh winter, but for milder conditions it should be no problem.


  16. I copped the J33-E in black. Not a fan of that alpha green color really. J67 looks great first impression, but not something very new for me. The pattern of the J33 does look beautiful and utilitarian especially if draped unbuttoned, especially with the longer length. Looking forward to the fabric, never tried it before.

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