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  1. neromancer


    I'm sure they do. But people who shop at Ross don't come onto fashion forums to bitch about clothes they can't afford (lol or maybe they do...?) lol if your outfit has enfin leve in it there's no saving it
  2. neromancer


    Acronym has never been about cost-to-value. If you want cost-to-value, go shop at Ross And of course enfin-leve's DS pants are going to be seen as better "cost-to-value wise" because a lot of their business is from taking Acronym designs to sell at a lower price point. Have fun with your Great Value™ Acroynm.
  3. neromancer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    bump with price drops
  4. neromancer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J1A-GT 2.2 size S (9.5/10, only worn 3x). $1850 USD 2x 2018 black xpac 3A-MZ1. $225 USD each, can do a deal if you purchase both Price includes insured shipping to conUS. If international, please PM.
  5. neromancer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS 2x 3A-MZ1 2018 black xpac. 9/10, no signs of wear but have been used on my 5TS for the past year. $250 USD shipped each NG9-PS. 9/10, no signs of wear, worn maybe like 3 times. $250 USD shipped
  6. neromancer


    Compared to the 5TS, the 5 was only about 60 more euros from the mothership if I remember the pricing right. The 5 is a much better bang for your buck. Once I sell off my 5TS and MZ1's, I'll earn back the cost of the 5 and then some.
  7. neromancer


    Hahaha, I actually had huge fomo because I slept on it for the drop and watched it sell out. But thankfully @Wklcarl helped sell me one of his friend's. ^This. If you look at the picture of my MZ1, it's held on with some clips I bought off Amazon. Unfortunately the attachment loops on the 5 aren't quite as wide as a single slot in molle webbing and thus you can't slide the clip through to attach as designed, but the clips can clamp down onto the attachment loops and hold it together pretty securely with friction.
  8. neromancer


    I've been using the 3A-5TS from last year as a work bag almost everyday since I got it from it's drop. Thought it would be the bag I'd use for the next 5 or so years, but then along came the 3A-5... Here's a little writeup of a comparison between the two. For a little context, I commute to work by bike everyday and have to carry a 15 inch laptop, a change of clothes, and an extra pair of shoes. The size of the 5TS and 5 perfectly fit my needs, but the differences on the 5 were surprisingly helpful. The obvious differences are the roll top lid and the two giant fixed pockets in the front. My biggest gripe with the 5TS was that anytime I wanted to grab something from the main body, I'd have to pop open 3 buckles and refasten them closed all over again. The roll top feature solves this nicely by reducing the buckles I need to fiddle around with to 1, and also stowing away the excess material of the flap. Much easier to grab something from the bag with the top rolled in when the bag is still strapped tight to yourself. The two exterior pockets are a nice addition to the bag. I had the first generation xpac 5TS before getting last year's, and a feature I missed a lot were the two built in zipper compartments on each side of the bag. With the newer 5TS, I tried to recreate these by sticking two MZ1's vertically on each side. The exterior 3A-5 pockets hold much more than the MZ1's ever could, making the MZ1's no longer necessary. The mezzanine pockets behind them are really useful as well and serve as a nice little spot to store items you'd like to grab quickly without having to fuss with any buckles or zippers. Despite the lack of TS, the attachment loops on the 5 work well if you still want to expand your storage. Though the website only demonstrated you could attach a MK1 and MK3, I was able to attach my MZ1's without any issues. While I opted not to use the MZ1's anymore, I've attached a DSPTCH glasses case to 1 loop, a key charm to another, and a grimloc carabiner to another to hold my keys. A surprising change was the inclusion of two smaller inner zipper pockets as opposed to the single pocket of the five. Though a seemingly minor change, it helps partition my smaller items nicely. Although the single pocket from the 5TS is larger than one from the 5, the combined volume of the two smaller pockets is greater. Here's to hoping including two of these pockets becomes a standard and not just unique to the 5. There are some subtle differences you might miss that aren't obvious in the product shots. The lid on the 5 is reinforced with 3 sections that helps act as a guide to properly fold it in. It also helps give it a nice solid shape and structure, making the 5TS lid feel flimsy in comparison. Another small difference is the left and right buckles on the 5 can't slide up quite as high as on the 5TS due to the stitching on the thumb-break closures for the exterior pockets. This slightly restricts the expansion of the 5 vs the 5TS. I'd often pack my 5TS to the max fully expanded for weekend to week long trips. Though the difference is small, I'm a little worried for when I'll have to pack similarly with the 5. Despite the suggestively simpler name, the 3A-5 is in many ways a worthy upgrade to the tried and true 5TS. The 5 solved most of my gripes with the 5TS and will probably be the bag I'll use for years to come, unless Acronym and Bagjack manage to find another surprising way to improve the bag again (which I'm sure they will). Hope you all enjoyed my sincere writeup.
  9. neromancer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    still looking for size xs P10A-DS have the following to trade: size xs P30A-DS (10/10) size xs P10A-E (9/10, worn a few times) size s P10A-DS (10/10, thought i could get away with a small but was wrong lol) size s J1A-GT 2.2 (10/10, just tried on indoors) size s P23A-DS (from @Wklcarl) also have a friend selling size xs J1A-GT 2.2 for 1850 euro shipped, posting for him
  10. neromancer

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT my size xs P10A-E or my size s P10A-DS for your size xs P10A-DS also looking to swap my size m SS-CP1 for your size s WTT my size xs P30A-DS for your size xs P10A-DS
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