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  1. J1WB-E arrived this evening. With hefty taxes, this is one big investment. I ignored the tube of spikes - not my thing - and went on to try just the jacket. This is my second E jacket after J33-E which I like very much, and i immediately felt the weight of the four front zips. It might be because the E material is so much lighter than GT (from when I used to have a J1A-GT) that it became very apparent. E always feel sort of slightly luxurious when new, and slowly grow understated over time. I’m not a big fan of the extra velcro tabs on the shoulder and sleeves, feels kind of cheap tbh. Aside from that this jacket is awesome.
  2. Just received my J113-SD. I have found myself recently outgrowing size S in ACR jackets, so I got a M this time in spite of the wide cut. But man, this thing is wide, and I had second thoughts of returning it for a S, but I convinced myself to stick to M. At that size, I can even use my Andwander diamond down jacket as mid-layer. Love the two big dump pockets, but the one that I find hardest to access is the small horizontal pocket on the top left. I layered it with a polartec fleece, and its really comfortable, and Im really beginning to dig the design. The sleeves are a tad long, but I folded it back and it felt okay and workable. The hood is the highlight, but if I am to wear a mid layer that also has hood, I find it hard to zip it all the way up to eye level, maybe my head's big. I haven't had a new ACR jacket in a while, and sold quite a few of my older pieces because of size. But I am really liking this.
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