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  1. Jesus Christ, the model is wearing Yeezy's..
  2. Someone should --iron-- those wrinkles out! But seriously, I'm guessing the stainless steel mesh material is hard to flatten out smooth? I'm wondering what kinds of other materials this tech could be incorporated with to create a fabric that is actually wearable and highly utilitarian.
  3. So this person is looking for a "high quality scan' so they can print out spec sheets to accompany their counterfeit goods? How about we just scan the sheets, photoshop something obvious, and send it over. That way when they print them out all the spec sheets will have an obvious tell that the community can use to call out fakes.
  4. May I ask what you use these for? Just curious
  5. Any recommendations for a boot with decent ankle support that would be ideal for wearing while riding a motorcycle?
  6. WTT: J1TS-S RAF GRN/BLK (DUO) in SMALL for J1TS-S RAF GRN/BLK (DUO) MEDIUM - My S for your M WTB: Presto in M any color LF1 BLK in 9.5 or 10 3A-3TS, 3A-5TS, 3A-8TS, 3A-1 (may be interested in others - PM me)
  7. I don't know but I'm not digging the new material of the J62/J63s. Maybe I'll need to see it and feel it in person to really have an opinion on it but I'm not liking the appearance, at least from photos. Am I crazy?
  8. You have a good point there. I did only try the jacket on with a single shirt and I will definitely want to use a liner. However, I usually only wear a single layer underneath jackets since I get warm easily. I just wish it wasn't so wide! I bet you fit into a S perfectly at your height and weight. I guess I just need to bulk up and gain like 20-25 more pounds to fit better haha
  9. Regarding the J1TS-S: I have tried on both S and M and am at a crossroads. I'm 6'0", 165 lbs, with an athletic build. The S fits better overall except the armpits. Due to my tapered build, my chest/shoulders are a bit wider and cause the jacket to pinch into my armpits slightly. It's not terribly uncomfortable but it isn't ideal. I think if I wore it for an extended period of time it may start to restrict circulation and get to a point where taking off the jacket would feel good (but not necessarily feel bad while it's on). Again, the rest of it fits perfectly and this is generally how I like my clothes to fit (fitted to the body). The sleeves could use an extra inch though. The M isn't huge on me but it is a lot roomier especially in the waist which I don't like aesthetically. Sleeves are just a bit too long by an inch and chest/shoulders are right for my body type. I wish there was an in between size. Errolson please add more sizing options. What do I do?
  10. WTT: J1TS-S RAF GRN/BLK (DUO) in SMALL for J1TS-S RAF GRN/BLK (DUO) MEDIUM - My S for your M WTB: Presto in M any color LF1 BLK in 9.5 or 10 3A-3TS, 3A-5TS, 3A-8TS, 3A-1 (may be interested in others - PM me)
  11. Fits her perfectly! Thanks. Now I gotta find a pair for myself
  12. Are we sure that 18montrose charges VAT for non-EU customers by including it in the price of the item? The J1TS-S I ordered from them has a price tag of 1,065.00. The invoice lists "Tax 177.50", but the Total is still 1,065.00. So either VAT is not collected at all or it's included in the price of the item? Anyone have conclusive evidence and not just speculation? Okay, so their Terms & Conditions mention VAT twice: Is it legal for a retailer to charge and collect VAT and keep it for themselves since the sale was not subject to VAT and will not be collected by any country as taxes?
  13. I haven't personally found any good uses for myself yet since it puts my arms in an awkward position in order to access those pockets however the left pocket seems best for things that you want to keep dry (i.e cigarettes??)
  14. Is it possible to see past sales on Grailed? I'd like to see what prices I should expect to pay outside of sufu.
  15. I might be interested. Need to figure out what size that would be in women's size. EDIT: Perfect size for girlfriend. PMing you