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  1. Z-11


    Anyone know what weight of etaproof is used for pants this season? It seems that before weight was heavier.
  2. Z-11


    There is no any tape. But the seams are wrapped in a different fabric. This material does not look like schoeller dryskin. It is more similar to usual synthetics, which gets wet.
  3. Z-11


    Yes, the fabric is waterproof, but not the jacket itself. My j63-pb getting very wet at the seams under the rain. I hope this problem will be solved.
  4. Z-11

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    He does not deceive everyone of course. But in my case, he realized that I cann't track the parcel that he already received. I threatened to investigate the loss of the parcel. So he admitted that recieved pants and came up with that he sent them back to me, because he was frightened.
  5. Z-11

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Hey guys. I want to warn you in short story about a scammer from grailed.com with a high positive rating.He bought my pants Acronym p23ts-ch on the grailed 4 months ago. The next day I sent them to him with track number. The parcel was tracked as expected, but after transfer of the parcel by Russia post to the partner organization (Canada post) for further delivery, the tracing ceased. It turned out that the type of parcel as "small package" is not tracked on the territory of Canada, unfortunately I did not know it. There is a reason to suspect the buyer knew about this peculiarity of Canada post and took advantage of the moment. He opened a claim on PayPal before the delivery of the parcel was expected (less than 1 month). At that time I really thought that the parcel could get lost, and as a respectable seller I refunded the entire amount at my will. Afterwards I begun reading forums devoted to the parcel delivery to Canada, and figured out that the parcels reach Canada`s receiver simply without traceability. A week later he wrote that the parcel was at his post office for all this time, but he did not pick it up. And when postman arrived with the package, buyer without any ground refused the delivery. He said that if the parcel might return to me, it will happen not earlier than three months. He added, that there is a possibility that parcel might not return because he sent it back without track number and return address. So, as you might noticed, we made a deal, I duely fullfilled all my obligations, but byer unilaterally refused to meet his commitments, and deliberately cheated me acted in the way to get both money and pants. It has passed more than two months since the dispute was opened, but I still do not have neither package, nor money. I am confident that he has received and uses these pants, or has already sold them. And also received full pants amount. I want you to be careful and not take into accounht the seller's rating as a main warranty of his integrity. Even with a high one, he can be a fraud. His profile is https://www.grailed.com/NathanG Full correspondence with him on the site https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ojtjlpesljer0l/nathanG.jpg (a small part of the correspondence was conducted on the site paypal) Read the bottom up. Track number RA651166385. Tracking ceased in France Information about the fraudster: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013554062864 nathanguergis(at)yahoo.ca Nathan Guergis 56 Brian Avenue Angus Ontario L0M 1B3 Canada
  6. Z-11

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT p23a-ds L (vnds, worn about 3-4 times) j63-pb L (9/10) Looking for: j28-e L p23a-ds M p30-ds/ch M
  7. Z-11

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT p23a-ds L (vnds) for M WTB j28-e L
  8. Z-11

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Hey. Type the price please. I WTT my p23a-ds L (9.5/10) for p23a-ds M. So if somebody wants L I'll make the same price as Muin. And I also WTT black p10a-s L (9/10) for p10a-s/ch M.
  9. Z-11


  10. Z-11


    I agree with AvantSol. I have three different pairs of p23 in different sizes and materials. p23-s (S) looks good, but they are not very convenient (tensed in calves), p23ts-ch (XL) are long enough and wide. p23a-ds (L) are perfect. Also I had p10ts-ds (L) and they were long. Stretched knees below the knees looked particularly ugly. Surprisingly, but the same size in p10a-s (L) looks good. PS I'm 5'11"