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  1. Hey guys—two questions for someone new to buying Acronym.


    1. On the 3a-1 page it says 8 pockets total—5 external, 3 internal. I understand that the 3 internals are hanging inside the big main pocket, but I only count 4 external pockets—the big main pocket, the two compression pockets, and the waterproof pocket on the right side. Am I mistaken? Is there a fifth one somewhere? Mine will be here soon anyways, but I thought I'd ask.


    2. I can't make heads or tails of the measurements on the J58 page. I usually have to size up to accommodate my shoulders (I'm pretty slim—6'1", 170 lb—but I have ~18" shoulders ptp). I wear a size M Veilance Mionn IS, but it's a little loose through the chest. Should I size for M with the J58, or size down? Insane as it sounds, I'm considering ordering two sizes just to be safe, given how quickly things sold out this year.


    Thanks in advance!

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