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  1. 14 hours ago, markdjr said:

    The removable bag liners are a great touch too.

    Agree and wonder how many people realise how cheap and easily available they are. Shame how torturous the 5TS and even more so 6TS are to wear when loaded up though. - As someone said on here years back if you need to carry any significant weight get a decent backpack. 

    Or do some people honestly find them comfortable/practical when loaded up? 

    One thing that bugs me is I love the flak pocket on my 36 and loved it on my J1A when i had that. Aesthetically and it terms of usefulness - So handy. But it's very much going backwards imo to add a fiddly zip on there as opposed to the old style flak which was easily accessible one handed ?? Someone said acrnm hate velcro lol ?

    But basically they have made a call that the visual look of the pocket is more important than the ease of use I guess.  And I do like the modern look of the newer one so whatever I guess..

    Will forever make me chuckle that upon seeing my J1A my step dad said "Why the hell would you want a pocket there - Are you a f****** kangaroo?"

    Prob most used feature is the sling tbh. Don't think i've ever once used the force lock in 11-ish years of having a jacket with it on. Also never once tried interops lol. 

  2. SOLD    WTS 

    1 x 3A-MZ5  X-Pac Black  (Single Pocket not a pair)  (Not foil, just plain black X-Pac)

    Unused/Brand new. Will Include og dust bag and spec sheet. Charging under half what I had to pay for the pair.

    £150 UK Pounds.  (PP F+F or add fees.)  (UK Pounds only)  + Shipping.  Hit me up if you need it otherwise will bung on Failed. 

  3. On 8/1/2019 at 7:58 PM, emenel said:

    This is a good example of YMMV in real life. The sling is basically the only acr jacket “tech” that I actually use regularly, and I really miss it when I wear a jacket without it... The last few weeks traveling it was very useful since days would often start cold and rainy, then get hot. Saved me having to stuff the jacket in a bag or just carry it around. 

    Same, really do use the sling a lot and love that it's there when I'm hot.

    Exterior vs. interior is a tough call. I prefer exterior personally, but when in Ldn for example I'm conscious that some drunkard might find it irresistible to yank, or it'll get snagged on something like a door handle Inspector Clousea style lol 

    Gravity pockets, I'm glad they exist but they don't get much use if any. I used to put an oyster card in there, but don't use one anymore.

    TBH with all those features, escape zip, force lock etc, I can't say I use them much but I'm glad they are there, because they look cool to me and it's nice to have the option of use..

    Be cool to see some new modern day features also, air pod specific mini pocket on chest / chest interior would be pretty sick 


  4. Would have been sick if the frames came in RAF lol

    I like them a lot but can't drop that amount on a pair. Shades are so easy to lose or break. 

    Personally I think some Oakleys are cool, super affordable and a pretty good aesthetic fit with acrnm.. 

    Sidenote: Love the snippet of music in the vid.. can anyone point to a longer version?  searched Ian Wang music but couldn't find 

    The music in the vids is always killer 


  5. On 8/17/2018 at 7:24 PM, mariahscarry said:


    Can anyone shed any light on what other colours this is dropping in? Gonna presume black, Can see them going for Volt, but RAF would be so so good 

  6. 1 hour ago, solographik said:

    Don't sell yours :/ 

    the photos on the listing were missing the Gt tag on the inside of the jacket, and it didn't look like microgrid either. Hope it works out for you. Good luck. 

    If you zoom in on the photos using chrome you can tell by the zip pullers on the chest it's a fake. For sure

  7. Hope they release that Big Bird/Tweetie plush lol


    It's made by Kostas Seremetis, if you track down his site and contact, I reckon you could ask to buy one. 

    Won't be cheap though. 


    I can't see it being 'released' on mass but who knows.


    I've hung out with Kostas a few times, in Tokyo and at his studio in NY, via a good mutual friend, cool dude.

  8. It was an ironic comment. thought that was obvious.  Jesus .. 


    sense of humour / irony vacuum. 


    I have done WTB posts myself and realised afterwards it probably made a few people groan, I'm no angel, but Jesus there's levels. It was just a comment on the way some people operate. 


    Forget it

  9. *EDIT - SOLD


    *Price drop to $491 usd + shipping  - Also still keen to hear any other trade suggestions 


    *EDIT  Price now $491 usd  + shipping ( tracked )


    Selling a pair of P10-S  ( SS-15 )  Size L.  Black


    Or open to trade suggestions (  hit me with any acr - tops size M or L, pants size L, bags etc all trade suggestions welcome )


    Ideal trade is for a pair of P9-S or P9-E in green ( olive / raf etc ) size L. Or other acr pants in green.

    Lightly Worn, not washed yet.
    Zero Damage / tears / odours etc
    Don't have the dust bag or spec sheet to hand, but can pick them up from a different location and include if needed, in approx 1 week. Or send them separate once I've picked them up. 
    Carabiner included.
    Measurements via Firmament ( Laid Flat ):
    Half Waist: 46cm
    Half Hem: 16.5cm
    Inseam: 86cm
    Outseam: 108cm
    Shipping from London with tracking.

    Listed on grailed here: ( with extra pics )



    If any of you guys are interested, please drop me a pm.


    Can give Dolphinski, Original Program, Greencarman and Pennyoka as references, hope you guys are cool with that, let me know if not ! 



  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342