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  1. probably the first week of april
  2. WTB 7 holes 73 folk size 11
  3. idk it seems sorta odd if they would wait that long they already produced multiple size runs in all the colorways and they got out, i would hope S/S but seems like wishful thinking because the design and materials are like a boot and defiantly don't seem to be summer kicks. just gotta wait and see
  5. NIKE SFAF-1 next month
  6. i ordered off for the first time last season, never received order confirmation or shipping. just showed up at my door in about a week or so . my email is correct but it may be because i used paypal idk. i Think the same will happen with my prestos order.
  7. Got both Black/bamboo and olive/dust in a L. S/O chrome autofill
  8. im guessing clothes mid sep and the prestos late september early October
  9. thinking about grabbing a dri fit off ebay, is it like normal nike sizing or japan sizing? im a large and thinking about getting an XL because ive heard stuff runs small.
  10. anybody know the exact name of these buckle straps on most of the 3rd arm bags? Ive looked everywhere and cant find them.
  11. lmao as soon as i post my mini rant, i go to my door and the package is right there. first acronym piece ever.
  12. ordered the J25-WS last thursday of and payed thru paypal. have not received a single email or anything. anybody else facing similar problems?