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  1. 1 hour ago, mrman said:

    As I said this is 90C, what about you, 90F?


    Fahrenheit is not practiced in my country

    Temperature readings recorded scoreboard washing machine

  2. 16 minutes ago, mrman said:


    Strange, here's mine :D


    Yes, bad..someone is doing so-cut the patch, washes, sews a patch ago (not sure if the consequences of a temperature mode)

    Here 009, the same mode


  3. 45 minutes ago, Geeman said:

    Might not do the patch any good though. Washing on a medium (40c) is usally enough

    Patch PBJ...it is reasonable, however I have tried 3 pairs of PBJ for 90 degrees-no breaking changes

    For PBJ it works:)


  4. Pointless.ONI do a good shrinkage.

    A further slight shrinkage is possible after wash after prolonged wear (in very hot water in a machine wash,drying near heat sources, etc.)

    You can wet and gently dry it (if the existing is not satisfied).

  5. 9 hours ago, serotonin flood said:

    @kukupoint Where do I get a waist limiter? 

    I apologize for the offtopic,or remove.    For example, any hardware store,buy a reversible clamp (just below the length of the rail was enough for your waist),remove both parts and install them on the opposite side (unclamping).All.

    I do easier know-how of all times and peoples 2a1c148e96b9.jpg 1651ae787e06.jpg

    Met special products on eBay or on other sites....it's a disposable toy...crumbling waste of money.
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