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  1. LowLevelViolence

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS Medium J33-E in Alpha Green. Gently used. Full Pack, 9/10 Condition. $1200 USD + shipping from Aus. PM me for pics/inquiries/further details.
  2. LowLevelViolence


    Loving the 715 EUR hat - "If you lose it, you will cry". I am guessing that this is their tongue-in-cheek way of getting people to stop asking for hats.
  3. LowLevelViolence


    It's neat and all, definitely looks cool and the design feels initially abrasive and off-balance but cooler the more you look at it (like some of the best acronym designs imo), but: This really just seems like an exercise in branding. Just a few neat flourishes on a stock laptop that may or may not be good to begin with. Would love to be proven wrong. The air-packaging is totally sick though. I had thought that the included software was some custom acronym thing but no, it's an already existing prouct made by Erlsns brother: https://www.thebrain.com/ https://www.thebrain.com/blog/authors/harlan-hugh Sort of a mind-mapping tool / outliner sort of thing, a bit more visually oriented than these things usually are (logofont looks familiar, wonder if erlsn had a hand) I actually really love tools like this (I had been using workflowy) and I'll definitely give this a look.
  4. LowLevelViolence


    Can't be certain but L seems like it might suit you better, yeah. Esp if you wear L size for the other jackets. I'm planning on getting my next shell in an L size.
  5. LowLevelViolence


    I am somewhere between M and L, and have a J33-E in M. Fits fine with a t-shirt/thin sweater but layer anything else like a down jacket layer and it starts to get a little bit snug. So I would say it's probably slightly relaxed M or TTS with layering taken into account? Hope that helps. Really nice jacket, especially if you like the more understated Acronym pieces.
  6. LowLevelViolence


    Me: Mum, can we get Acronym? Mum: We have Acronym at home... Acronym at home:
  7. LowLevelViolence


    Yeah, buying secondhand
  • Nike Green Gyakusou Logo Running T-Shirt
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