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  1. LowLevelViolence


    Damn they didn't have to go that hard on that J56. Killer design, love the organic lines and all the crazy storage details.
  2. LowLevelViolence

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    For real. Honestly, it's irresponsible to be posting grails like this when I just got my tax return.
  3. LowLevelViolence


    Got those too Character creator sliders set to random ass body
  4. LowLevelViolence


    Wow TTS privilege smdh. Some of us are Extra Medium you know
  5. LowLevelViolence


    Per hanon blog: "The ACRONYM SS21 Drop launches at HANON on MONDAY, March 22nd, at 17:00GMT." - So presumably same time for mothersite? Nothing on erlsns instagram.
  6. LowLevelViolence


    Dude, size up
  7. LowLevelViolence


    Don't suppose anyone knows how much the bomber will be? Lowkey acronym is the best acronym imo.
  8. LowLevelViolence


    Huge if true. Catch me dropping stuff in then reloading like
  9. LowLevelViolence

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS Medium J33-E in Alpha Green. Gently used. Full Pack, 9/10 Condition. $1200 USD + shipping from Aus. PM me for pics/inquiries/further details.
  10. LowLevelViolence


    Loving the 715 EUR hat - "If you lose it, you will cry". I am guessing that this is their tongue-in-cheek way of getting people to stop asking for hats.
  11. LowLevelViolence


    It's neat and all, definitely looks cool and the design feels initially abrasive and off-balance but cooler the more you look at it (like some of the best acronym designs imo), but: This really just seems like an exercise in branding. Just a few neat flourishes on a stock laptop that may or may not be good to begin with. Would love to be proven wrong. The air-packaging is totally sick though. I had thought that the included software was some custom acronym thing but no, it's an already existing prouct made by Erlsns brother: https://www.thebrain.com/ https://www.thebrain.com/blog/authors/harlan-hugh Sort of a mind-mapping tool / outliner sort of thing, a bit more visually oriented than these things usually are (logofont looks familiar, wonder if erlsn had a hand) I actually really love tools like this (I had been using workflowy) and I'll definitely give this a look.
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