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    Can't be certain but L seems like it might suit you better, yeah. Esp if you wear L size for the other jackets. I'm planning on getting my next shell in an L size.
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    I am somewhere between M and L, and have a J33-E in M. Fits fine with a t-shirt/thin sweater but layer anything else like a down jacket layer and it starts to get a little bit snug. So I would say it's probably slightly relaxed M or TTS with layering taken into account? Hope that helps. Really nice jacket, especially if you like the more understated Acronym pieces.
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    Me: Mum, can we get Acronym? Mum: We have Acronym at home... Acronym at home:
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    Yeah, buying secondhand
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    Some sort of poster up on the mother site. The most affordable acronym anything you’ll ever buy. Edit: there was a zine too but it’s sold out. You guys are quick.
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    Damn, pack it up everyone :-(
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    Stone Island Shadow Project

    The scarf with pockets goes hard...
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    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Darn tough - https://darntough.com/ In any length you want. Best socks I've ever bought. Merino wool so they dry quick, don't smell, are warm, lifetime warranty to boot. Will make you want to proselytise to others about their greatness even though they are just socks.
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    Gutsy move modifying such expensive pants but they look great! And it's nice to see someone making it their own.
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