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    mainly looking to trade for other pieces for the jacket! keeping the pants :(: re edit: Didn't mean to offend anyone with the down votes but all I intended was to openly share information about how the clothes fit and cost for anyone curious about the collab like I was. Ultimately I decided the jacket was something I was willing to let go so I posted it up on the FB group without much thought.
  2. No_4mat


    Werd on the street the upcoming Nike colab silently dropped at Nike Lab 21M. Tried on the jacket in S and M. Both fit nice but preferred a more fitted feeling for this one. I like most aspects about it but I am meh about the fraying cut out acr symbols on the left arm. I can't see a long future for them to stay in tact. I also tried on the pants in XS and M - M is my true size but they fit really baggy and has a pretty excessive drop crotch so I went with the XS. Refer to 3rd and 4th pic with the M pant in white. Also the shirt in M. ...Ended up picking up the jacket ($300) in S and pants ($180) in XS. For ref (I am 5'9 at 156 pounds)
  3. No_4mat


    to stay on topic with helping out on sizing with the J1W-GTPL I am 5'9 at 156 pounds and wearing a M (my normal go to size in acr) with a shirt underneath Second photo I'm layering the J1W with the J91-WS in M. Overall, I am really happy with the fit! I do wish I could have tried on a size S of the J1W to compare but I feel would have been risky since I wanted to use it with the J91 as the insulator. Really love both jackets and kept me nice and cozy at 35F.
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