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  1. gfarina55


    Thanks Spiraltoy.
  2. gfarina55

    The Flat Head

    Responded to a couple inquiries via PM, but I think $190 PP'd/Shipped CONUS seems fair for the 3001s? A couple more photos:
  3. gfarina55

    The Flat Head

    Thx for the info Cold Summer! Unfortunately they're a bit tight on me and they've been in the closet for years. Hoping to find someone interested in them here.
  4. gfarina55


    Does anybody here have a Warehouse longhorn shirt that can help me with the sizing? https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/organweb/item/3001/ I have a 40" chest and long arms, and I don't know if I should order a 42 or a 40. I wear Iron Heart denim/western shirts in Large, Real McCoy's in 16, although some RMC shirts in 16 have sleeves that are short for me. Does anyone know how Warehouse denim shirts compare in size?
  5. gfarina55

    The Flat Head

    I've got a pair of 3001's 34w w/Japanese arcs that are in great condition and a bit small for me. Anyone here interested in buying or trading for a FH or other Japanese denim w/slightly large measurements? Here's measurements: 34 tag, 17 waist, 12 thigh, 8.5 kn, 8.25 hem, 34 inseam, 10 FR, 14 BR. These have been worn sparingly and hot soaked once or twice, not even broken in. I think these are old-school Flathead judging from the backpatch, but I'm not an expert.