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  1. On 12/2/2021 at 10:05 PM, beepy said:

    It's old. Think like 04? Futura sued them recently for using his atom graphic to use as a logo, so I guess interesting as a "happier times" piece. Google says the women's one was gtx. There's been some sitting for sale in japan for under $600 for a long time. I'd put it towards a CPxThroup mille ;) 

    not to mention the name likeness on top of the logo. Futurelight fabric, like cmon

  2. 1 hour ago, jeddyhsu said:

    Reminiscing over the time Acronym collaborated with Futura for his 60th birthday. Damn, I would shell out big bucks for one of these customized 1a's. 


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    Yeah this was amazing, was a really brilliant few years stretch surrounding that both before and after

    Diptych jacket was my fav for holding cans and markers but I wouldn't advise this loadout :wacko: too much noise with them clacking together hahaha



  3. I'd just like to comment that I had a very positive experience with the MTO process. That being said I haven't followed through with the final product, it's just that they were extremely receptive of my ideas and we went through a few iterations with sketches etc.

  4. WTB: WTAPS 20SS WMILL-Trouser 01 sz. 2 or 3 Olive

    Hey, looking to buy these 20SS pants from WTAPS under the "WMILL" banner. They were released in Ripstop and Satin with some minor differences and am open to buying both, though I prefer ripstop. I don't care about the condition. The colour I want is olive and either size 2(M) or 3(L) :)

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  5. 7 hours ago, BruceLeroy said:

    Motherfucker. You pushed me over the edge. I needed a new camera/gear bag for dedicated shoot days and it sounds like I found it. What modifiers/attachments do you have? 

    If you want it as a dedicated camera bag you could go the extra mile by getting some custom foam separators, might as well ball out if you're getting a luxury priced bag right?

    Speaking of custom stuff I dyed my Q jacket awhile back, sadly it destroyed some of the innards and structure of the jacket during the process, but I wasn't really rocking with the cream anyways lol. I tried to match the Australian Waratah plant colour but didn't quite get it right with about four rounds of the dye :wacko:





  6. On another note, so many years later, i'm still amazed by the foldable 6ts flap that you can extend out if the load of the bag requires it. I'm sure it's been used elsewhere by other people but i seldom see it at all yet it's such a simple solution. Whether it was bagjack or acr good job to them

    Any neat details you guys will never fail to be impressed by? I'm sure the phone pocket is a big one

  7. Vince McMahon (ACR): "Bret Hart, you've got to be terribly frustrated, extremely frustrated about what just happened."

    Bret Hart(Fans): "Frustrated isn't the goddamn word for it! This is bullshit! You screwed me! Everybody screwed me! And nobody does a goddamn thing about it. Nobody in the building cares, nobody in the dressing room cares. So much goddamn injustice around here! I've had it up to here!

    Everybody knows it! I know it! Everybody knows it. I should be the head of advertising! Everybody just keeps turning a blind eye. You keep turning a blind eye to it. I got that longtime Subnet user, he turns a blind eye to it! Everybody in that goddamn dressing room knows that I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! If you don't like it - tough shit!"


    Even I don't particularly care for the ARG but damn just mute the IG stories if you don't like this marketing push. Plus hasn't streetwear always just taken in close friends of the core guys and working together?

  8. The velcro being caught issue is definitely the type of feedback I think they would appreciate if you DM'd or @ one of the design staff especially since the team is pretty focused on pumping out improved iterations of their products. Even if it's not everyone having the issue, there's still something that could be fixed there.

  9. 5 hours ago, erictheninja said:

    I have been a hardcore fan of John Mayer since the early 2000s, now imagine if all of a sudden the majority of mayer fans at a concert only know him based on his recent Instagram persona. You attend a John Mayer concert and 4/5 people around you aren't even listening to the music. they are drunk af. talking loudly taking selfies with the flash on obnoxiously. posting to their stories every 45 secs. that's what acr has felt like for the last couple years to me. 

    sidenote but Where The Light Is might be the greatest post 2000 live album/dvd

    and Pino Palladino is a legend alone for his bass contributions to works from D'Angelo and JMTrio

  10. Considering fabric supplier means the actual fabric is changed in different seasons, does anybody know the sturdiest fabric used in terms of abrasion/puncture resistance for pants?

  11. 1 hour ago, Xu Jianfeng said:

    3 walking (or running or standing):  I wear it walking around 8km per day, gonna say it’s not a very comfy one. The main issue is the sole in the heel area spilt in a slightly weird way, so with normal walking you kind need use the calf strenth to hold the balance.  Ain’t doing any run with it, but for standing like 30 minutes also makes your feeling no good. 


    Nike at it again lol, IDK about other countries but they had a massive ad campaign pushing vapormaxes as a womens running shoe i think last year here in Sydney, funny how that worked out

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