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  1. On 2/24/2011 at 10:39 AM, sipang said:

    Coan & Kenaf seeds jacket : "This jacket was created by FINAL HOME and Naohiro Ukawa as an effort towards designing a "Utopia." The patch holds corn and kenaf seeds. The idea behind this design is to rip the patch apart and plant the seeds to grow crops to prevent food shortage in cases of terrorist attacks, war or earthquake disaster."

    So I unknowingly purchased this jacket recently. Only way I found out was because I was curious as to why the god damn patch had something hard and round inside it! Anyway needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.

    This is a close up pic of the said patch. I was surprised customs didn't seize my jacket or anything but I suppose the seeds are long dead by now. Tempted to get a seam ripper and get them out but it would taint the narrative!


    If anybody has any idea what the top two lines say let me know. I suspect it just says Ukawa Naohiro in an esoteric type though.


    Link to the Final Home page for it

  2. 4 hours ago, jbob24 said:

    Oh good, Sufu has its own “bitch about techwear prices” thread.


    We are enjoying a golden age of technical garments and if you can’t find something nice for a good price, you’re not looking very hard. 


    If the average new users’ intent is to ape the acrnm/acrhive look for sub $200 then superfuture isn’t the forum for you.


    2 hours ago, Yoshiii said:

    The short and sweet version; That people are confusing techwear with a certain very limited, popularised by Instagram, aesthetic.

    Exactly these. It sucks because the market for a cheaper 'acrnm' look has been cultivated, spawning imitation brands that push nothing original. Fortunately there are some brands that are obviously influenced and have decided to sidestep away. I commend the effort of DIY'ers too, but I dislike it when the same hardware is always used (PLCE fasteners for example), not to mention colour selection or design - how many times have we seen derivatives of the 3a-3ts? 

    Hopefully when Vexed Generation comes back it expands both consumers and creators desire to experiment a little, plus drive different narratives with their brands. Personally I've taken a liking to Final Home despite nothing special about the materials most of the time. I've noticed more Issey Miyake around too which is great, especially with such a large catalogue including labels such as Windcoat, meaning there's room for different cuts and colours etc. for people to pick from.

    Edit: I think it's fine to learn how certain products are put together by deconstructing/making it yourself but don't just straight up copy and push it as your own with some slight visual modification on the corners of the bag or something lol 


    I'm probably taking this topic too seriously huh? Oh well, god forbid a proper convo is made on a forum even if OP is trolling. I'm sure fans of Rick circa 2011 had the same complaints too 


  3. 1 hour ago, dranoelsy said:

    Ah there we go! @originalprogram was telling me how it's an older graphic too. I knew the design existed before just didnt know how far back. Thanks for delivering the pics dan and jbob



    Wish they'd bring acronymSOUND back :ph34r:


    heh shoutout to whoever uploaded this album one or two years back on SuFu 

    I didn't know the3ug3reeder uploaded it on SC, was trying to search for his work on YouTube but it was near impossible - good find man

  4. I like the yellow and purple anoraks, not sure how I feel about how rigid the shoulder thing on the womens coat, but otherwise it looks sweet, the shadow of the two lower pockets creates a nice effect for visual depth

  5. VISVIM Military Sanjuro Size 3

    VISVIM Military Sanjuro. Worn about 3 times. Too tight on my shoulders and dislike the star motif. 

    Still have tags but i've broken the seal for the pocket containing a square of fabric. Unfortunately I don't own the original packaging.

    PM for more pics.

    Open to trade offers as well. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Rain Dogs said:

    Does anyone know if a Thinkpad t470 will fit in a 3a-3ts?

    Not sure about the t470 but the x220 nearly takes up all the space when in a 3a-1 horizontally, a little more space is available when placed in vertically. Personally I'd rather just carry it in a backpack.

  7. 35 minutes ago, nodre said:

    haven wanted $1992 i think for J61-GT ...


    bodega will be $1718.


    any idea why retailers mark up so differently? maybe customs cost? or just trying to cash out

    Canada has horrible taxes, it's where Haven is based. 

  8. 21 hours ago, AvantSol said:

    ^always found those shoe masks cringy and always had me asking "why...?". 

    The guy who makes it likes to create awareness about Beijing air quality issues with it. It's not like anybody wears it seriously, just something niche you can show off on IG.

  9. 16 hours ago, Goober said:

    Shout out to a fellow Aussie. I reckon I'd be arrested wearing chest covered MOLLE, already got stopped once by the Police with a MOLLE covered bag. 

    No way! I've seen tonnes of MOLLE covered bags, admittedly around the CBD(Sydney) where the rest of the outfit is usually just a suit/a little more casual. Was it specifically for the bag or some sort of 'random' check with dogs?

  10. 5 minutes ago, Xenomorph said:

    That's what happens when you giving access to the Subnet to famous copyist


    Maybe if you used another example the point would be better, MOLLE vests have been standard for ages now..

  11. 4 hours ago, nesherman said:

    Speaking of. Who here was on the MTA wearing olive P9's while I was in my P23's?

    "I like your pants."

    "Thanks bro."

    classic internet taken to real life interactions

  12. ACR was mentioned in this small blog for what I assume was a showcase of clothes featuring outdoors gear, I do remember reading Gibson met Errolson at the 2001 ISPO.


    What Acronym® designed together with Gore is absolutely urban. The designer label is very fashion forward regarding fashion and style and offers a true delicacy to parade in front of the camera with its J1A-GT. The sign noting photography was not allowed only served to increase the desire to shoot the jacket. Instead of the water-beading exteriors of highly athletic running and cycling jackets packed into a super light little jacket, Acronym® is using the occasion to build a radically stylish product.

    Didn't want a surge of Gucci situations in outdoor brands maybe?

  13. 54 minutes ago, forino said:

    soz boss. one transaction means im a scum from trying to save £25. looks like ill stop making videos now too. you wet guy 

    You acknowledged it isn't his problem anymore so why would you continue asking? If you knowingly buy something that has the potential to get hit by customs you should be ready beforehand even if they don't always get checked, and that may mean asking the seller about it before getting through with the payment. Surely you can pay less than 10% extra for a £300 item?

    Look at it this way, the seller doesn't want to lose money either.

  14. I have been saying this for ages. The bags are really uncomfortable under heavy load, especially 3A-7TS backpack. I said it was a garbage backpack and I got bashed into oblivion.

    I honestly love the shape(as basic as it is) but the straps seem so small and there doesn't seem to be much in terms of back/lumbar support. I wonder if Bagjacks new NXL Skidcat is any better.
  15. Had it, loved it, sold it, miss it. It's heavy as fuck empty but indestructible. I beat the shit out of it for ~2 years and it looked brand new when I sold it. It's a really comfortable bag tho, I think it comes in a slick version if the look of too much molle doesn't appeal to u. They make another version called the zippy that I haven't personally used but has the same utility and layout in a bit smaller size

    I actually do prefer the molle version! It seems the only complaint people have about it is the weight but other than that it seems to be worth it.


    Not directly suited for your everyday needs but if you like to push it forward the 3day bagpack from Highgroundgear is wicked. I have one in black.


    Cheers, i'll look into it!

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