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  1. Any new interesting sunglasses or googles? I feel urban techwear designers should be doing more work in this area. This is supposed to be the supposed to be the future; where are my retractable shades (and self tying laces and jetpacks)? :unsure:


    Accessories involving tech might be too much of an investment unfortunately





    hopefully one day someone makes a retractable version of these with a built in HUD

  2. that military vest got me thinking, what do you guys think of using a fishing vest for traveling to hold your stuff as opposed to a bag in countries that are a little less visitor friendly?

  3. Another idea: anyone ever tried GTX socks and just wear "normal" (i.e. not waterproof) shoes?  If your feet are protected from water from socks, perhaps the shoes don't really matter anymore?

    Hmmm, I could imagine the water soaking up the inside of the shoes anyway - at least in heavy downpour, I think with boots this would be an optimal combo though.

  4. So winter's almost here...what are people doing for footwear for rain?

    last year i had adidas zx flux gtx, while it does keep away the rain, it's insanely slippery on smooth surfaces once wet

  5. Not that i'm aware of. Here's the email




    Thanks for getting in touch with us. 

    We will be offering international shipping to Australia although the launch date of August 15th has unfortunately been pushed back.

    But keep your eyes on our social media to keep up with any current updates!



    AKIO Team

  6. srsly?  That's all it takes to get subnet access?! real question.


    No little extras, just your subnet login details on your 3rd purchase

    I've heard something similar, wouldn't doubt if i'm just getting ribbed lol - just seems a little more exclusive when it says "invitation only" on the login screen




    Hey man can't hurt to know!

  7. Random mall near me has this outlet sale on a bunch of tnf / patagonia / montbell / arcteryx / etc shit. All of the Goretex stuff is too big for me but bought some merino wool base layers since cotton undershirts in JP summer heat are killing me.


    Only a day wearing them but I believe in the hype. A million times better. 

    So Merino Wool is a confirmed holy fabric that you can wear all year? Might have to invest in some myself then

  8. you can always take the patches off though, isn't that what everyone does? i certainly dont walk out with STONE ISLAND on my arm. nvm the chavs

    even then it's just a weirdly placed epaulet with a velcro border


    not even sure if that patch is held on velcro considering it has two buttons holding it down

  9. Hey this is a really broad question but can someone throw suggestions for techwear-ish shoes that are still available? Just looking to replace a pair of sneakers.

    You can pair a tonne of random running shoes generally but how 'tech' do you want them to be? Also take into account breathability - what's the weather like around you?

  10. Can somebody convince me the zips aren't that bad on the lunar forces? It's seriously the only thing putting me off, but it's just such a large feature, can't find any fits with them online. I really do like the black green red colourway

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