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  1. radfad2000


    Just picked up a pair of the 1949hxx sz 33 warehouse cut. Sadly they dont work for me. Basically, a 1947 cut warehouse banner denim with some hinoya details. Shrunk: tub with hot water and dryer. Shrink is out. Looking to sell. $200us
  2. radfad2000


    Guess, I'm not meant to have nice things. The TCB 50'S just dont work for me. They are skin tight with some room in the waist. Have a size 32 hemmed to 32 in one wash from inoue. In the us. On marketplace too.
  3. radfad2000


    I snagged a pair of 32 this morning. Hopefully they get here quickly. These measurements frigthen me a tad as I would prefer a larger thigh, but it sounds like these will stretch and give.
  4. radfad2000


    Of course. Just trying to get an idea of how these stretch out.
  5. radfad2000


    Any one have some post-soak and stretch measurements of 50's cut in either a 32 or 33. Went way back and read the entire threat. based on nycsurfer530 measurements on his 31 these might be what I am looking for. I sent Inoue a DM on instagram and got sent denimo size chart which is helpful, the redcast heritage size chart but im wondering what I can expect with some wear based off what I have seen on this forum. I know denimo is one-wash and redcast is raw, just wondering what the middle ground is. Sorta fell in love with this denim after doing my research. And, yes, I know I am being overly obsessive but this is the place for that to come out, right? ps my goal is to find a high rise pair with a 32 inch waist 12 in FR, 16 BR and a 12.75-13in thigh. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the input. I would love a pair of the TCB or Warehouse, just not sure the rise will be high enough for me. After looking intently, I saw a pair of 32 TCB50 with a FR/BR of 11in/15in, which wont work for me. Not sure how accurate they are. I would love a pair of sugar canes, just not sure the thigh would work for me at the waist size I prefer. I wish more folks made a true '55 cut(my personal favorite). Should, I think about branching out and seeking a different earlier cut? Or, are their other makers with high rises that I am not aware of.
  7. Looking for a pair of high rise denim. Love my Iron Heart 1955 but I want something lighter for the summer. Roy's R01 would be perfect. Tried the 888 OD 14oz but they are too much of a slim fit even with a waist that is a tad bit big. Considering Warehouse(dont know too much about them and its hard to hunt down a size chart), LVC '55 cut. I really just wanted to ask where else I can find a high rise denim with a thigh that will fit me. Seeking a true waist in the 33-34 range after stretch with a thigh that is at least 12.7. Any help would be great.