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  1. Visvim 18L E-Cat


    F.I.L Exclusive from 2009


    Tiny, pinhead stain on one strap (Not visible)


    More pics on request, as well as all questions answered promptly


    345 USD Shipped Within North America OBO


    (Please offer, I'd like to move it rather quickly)








  2. LTRb9t0.jpg





    y'all probably know what these are

    condition is 8/10 considering a little wear on the interior of the soles, as well as some creasing that's inevitable due to the construction of these boots. really rare, but not for me anymore, and i'd like to sell. PLEASE OFFER cuz i would like to sell them quite quickly. they are a 41, but i marked them as a 42 because us9-9.5 is how they fit; a true 41 would be swimming in em. more pics on request.


    price for sufu is gonna be 510 OBO SHIPPED FROM CANADA


  3. I'm honestly loathe to say that he's doing a bad thing by bringing, in this case, post-Soviet Russian youth into a fashion spotlight. It's a pretty good rendition of it as far as I can see, and besides that it looks alright. I don't necessarily know that it's lazy either because to me fashion is, in a lot of cases, and especially here, an aspirational take on a culture. I know for a fact that those truly into grimy, anti-establishment punk would not be buying Raf or the scores of other designers who have given their take on those people. It's not to say that no rocker would buy designer-tagged pieces aimed at their culture, but more to say that fashion in a lot of cases is pandering to people who want to emulate that culture. 


    Also, I hope they don't, and don't know that they will become all that much more, because paying a lot for something that most people who are the inspiration for this style don't is a really weird dilution of fashion.

  4. Royal Alberta Museum got an exhibit from the EMP with a bunch of old runway pieces from Number (N)ine, Comme, Junya, and Gaultier.


    Pretty sure most of it came from the EMP Seattle showing on leather jackets, but they're nice pieces nonetheless, and worth checking out.

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