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  1. There's a store I go to in Seattle that has a few pairs of great mid-century combat boots.


    I'll have to pick up a pair next week when I'm there, someone remind me to post a picture in case I forget.



    This seemed like an appropriate place to post this.


    Red wing has a new store in Singapore.



    I loved the Red Wing in Beijing.


    Great stores.

  2. KL treated me better than Spore, having lived in both.


    Shopping is pretty all over, but there are a lot of Uniqlos (Or so it seems) and a few good individual boutiques.

    Club21 in Pavillion is good, there's a Givenchy, though I've never been in there, SLP also has a boutique, but don't bother unless you're shopping for a girl. They do have pretty generous season-end sales, though.


    Suzy's corner is where every expat goes to eat, but anything around the area is good too, food-court wise anyways. 


    Food is really cheap, but like most all of Asia, clothes are a lot more expensive.


    Penang and the Cameron Highlands are also really good options in the rest of Malaysia.

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