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  1. 5 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    By a long long distance, my favourite canvas sneakers - the original MiJ stuff is long gone, so I’d asked Geeman about Warehouse equivalents (brilliant help), but by a quirk of fate it might - just might - be possible to get a couple of pairs of original low-tops. With these and the incoming Bootleggers denim I’m like a dug wi’ twa dicks ...


    what brand? thanks

  2. 5 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    thanks, running and gym and no alcohool everyday, I did work hard for the last 5/6 months. I still want to loose a few more kilos. I am currently not running tho, unfortunately I hurt my knee while trying to my beat my world record, which I've did (I ran 10 km in 60 min haha!). The tcb 60s I have still fit well on a 36, the 50s and 20s feel huge. Unfortunately also the Sda I have bought only a couple months ago feel huge. the last two kilos made a big difference somewhat. I don't want to replace my jeans, I hate to sell my ongoing projects. Probably I just wait until I get fatter again haha. I am mostly rotating the 20s with the Re Lookus and a pair of Bob Dong jeans that were way too slim at the beginning and now fit great. I am itching to get a pair of wide leg cut jeans in the correct size though..

    try to do some leg exercises to get bigger thighs, so ur jeans wont be too big and wide

  3. 5 minutes ago, Pedro said:

    Yes, regular SC41947 OW 14.25-oz “Standard Denim” of 100% Zimbabwe Cotton.

    Pants were turned inside out with all buttons on fly closed. Washed one time with only small amount Woolite and placed in dryer with fabric still inside-out on high heat until dry. Washed 2nd time same procedure but removed from dryer still a little damp.

    Is this not typical? It is my first pair of this type of denim but really seemed crazy.

    mine is not as hairy as yours, maybe i havent really zoomed in that close yet

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