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  1. 6 hours ago, sensy said:


    My 2013 (I think?) Les Paul Standard Koa Top.

    nice! dont see these ones as often. these are still mahogany bodies and neck?

  2. 38 minutes ago, goodrain said:

    What is it supposed to mean? Is it a mascot?

    I have no clue. I imagine the mascot is an angry ball of pubic hair wearing sunglasses. 

  3. 6 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    How do the sleeves fit on the Cody shirts? I have a Unionist shirt in XL that fits well overall but is borderline too slim through the forearms—it works out okay, but does mean that I almost exclusively wear it with the sleeves rolled up past my elbows, which isn't ideal. Will I have similar issues with the Cody?

    I tried on the unionist shirt and I dont remember it being noticeably slim on my arms so I'm going to guess that if it feels slim on you, you may find that the Cody is similar. Stevenson is remaking the Cody again this year and he said that the fit will be more relaxed and less classic western style slim so that may work better for you.

  4. Laundry day led to taking some photos of my 47s and then the lightning seemed good so swapped them out to take pictures of these sda wwii jeans. These have a bunch of washes and a couple trips to the dryer. 








  5. When it came to the suit, I def went more practical with mine and got a suit that I could wear for other people's weddings to maximize the amount of times I could wear it. I pretty much wore my exact wedding attire for at least 4-5 weddings minus the shirt because somehow I got a giant stain on the shirt. 

  6. I think the most important thing I learned about these cuts from seeing hundreds of people try on cuts like the PBJ 019, SDA 08 cuts, 3sixteen NT, and other similar is that it allows people across all sizes to get a jean that's comfortable w/o losing the desired amount of taper. It also allows those people who want a super slim fit who may not have very slim legs for their size get a slim look w/o having to squeeze into the more traditional slim tapered that were super common 5-8 years ago like the FH 3002, Strike gold 09 cuts, etc. That combined with most brands offering jeans in slightly shorter inseams (33-34 as opposed to 36"+), it makes the jeans easier to fit.

    Kyle, you're definitely right that this works very well for people who are on the larger end of the sizes but we sell an almost equal amount of jeans to people roughly my size too who have bigger legs compared to the rest of their bodies (although these days my upper body is catching up).  

    Obviously fit is subjective and I personally like more moderately tapered or wider straight cuts but from what I've seen, if you're looking for a slim fit and you dont size down aggressively, I dont think the jeans look weird/silly. At least with our customers, I also dont hear as many people complain about not getting their feet through if they listen to our advice to not size down so much. 

    It's funny seeing how different forums are. you go onto reddit and the discussion for the most part would be opposite...people dont understand how a leg opening bigger than 7.5 makes sense. Even there, I think we'll see a big shift to more relaxed cuts in the next couple years and then it'll cycle back again like it always does. 

  7. 22 hours ago, goodrain said:

    It's really a fine merino wool sweater that takes the form of a thermal. Its utility is that it keeps you warm and makes you look fly af.

    I was about to reply with the same response. FWIW, atsu from stevenson said he made this thermal specifically because he wanted a merino sweater/thermal he could wash without needing to worry that he'll ruin the fabric. The shrink isn't too bad...From what i've heard from people who've washed it, they saw about a size shrink and then it stretches some. 

  8. 4 hours ago, vjiforlife said:

    Question: What's the differences between the 1966's and the 1947's?  Thanks in advance.

    The stitching colors used throughout the jeans are different. The denim on the 66 has a bluer hue. On me the fit of the 66 is a little more antifit in the top block/hips area and the legs are a little slimmer than the 1947

  9. 26 minutes ago, Neilltheone said:

    Agreed! Yeah, I’ve ran through a couple of cuts. First pair were apc PS, with the double downsize they were just way too tight for me to do anything. I had a couple pairs of onis but relax tapered was so loose and then I got these. I guess third time is the charm. But yeah, like I said i really wish there were diff weights in the black for 633 I love the hell out of this cut. I can’t wear indigo because of work. I’ve given the overdye some thought but I don’t know how id feel rocking double OD whenever I pick up my jacket. 

    Good news, we have 633SBG in the pipeline for spring of 2022. 

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