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  1. 5 hours ago, vexed_wear said:

    Can anyone recommend shops in Osaka, preferably in centre of town that would stock Boncoura Cinch please?


    Many thanks,



    Loftman Coop in Umeda stocks Boncoura. There’s also a pretty big hinoya above Loftman. Evisu is also a few micnutes walk from Loftman. 

  2. Ed,

    I did see the Alden's which is very tempting. I actually tried a size 33 in the 50 and the 66(one wash). They were snug but should be good after they stretch out. Do you think a 33 in the raw version is the way to go or should I go for a 34?

    Thanks again.

  3. fuckt he denim on these are fucking awesome. any one whos interested try a pair just try a pair and youll know

    How did you size on these Ed? I'm currently is Sapporo and I bumped into a store called Anatomica that sells both the one wash and raw version. Kinda expensive to be honest but seems really well made.


  4. So the Hinoya Specials have arrived and I'm pretty pleased with them. I finally got the sugar cane blend of denim in a slimmer fit...


    I ordered a size 36, same as what I wear in the 2009 fit. Leg openings were still pretty large for being a "slim" fit, but overall they were what I was looking for.

    Measurements as follows (no soak or wash yet):

    Waist: 18.5" (this may have stretched a tiny bit, I had worn them a few hours before measuring)

    Rise: 12"

    Thigh: 12.75"

    Knee: 9.5"

    Leg Opening: 8.25"






    Have you soaked or washed these? Interested to know how much they shrank.


    Thanks in advance.

  5. started wearing my 1001sxx again and yeah theyre so nice washed them alot of times since janruary of this year and marbling and the fades are just wow signet will be carrying warehouse  in a weeks or two first drop

    Are you guys bringing in the 1002 WW2?

  6. I'll be in Tokyo and Osaka starting next week and all this talk of Evisu is making want to buy a 2000 in the No.1. I just can't decide which denim to get but leaning towards the Gatagata which is supposed to be the most slubby among the the No. 1 denim. Is that correct?

  7. 1. edmond W34 1108
    2. pandaxs W36-38 1108
    3. Foxy W32 1108
    4. Broark W35 1101
    5. Jawnzer W32 1101
    6. Regedit W30 1108
    7. John Chen W29 1108
    8. Saintkeat W30 1108
    9. Regedit W33 1108
    10. 604_skyline W27 1109
    11. Bill_e_jean W36 1109 or W35 1108
    12. themexican w32 1109 or w31 1108
    13. bloodynutz W34 1108
    14. geL- w34 1109 or 1108
    15. Jared_Lee 0105 w30, w29 x 2 (three pairs total for a couple friends as well)
    16. Quoise1203 0105 w32
    17. Brownmetallic 1108 W33
    18. beardy3344 0105 w33
    19. Kurintor w30 1108 or 1109
    20. Artisandenim w28 1108
    21. Superfuzz w28 1108
    22. onehundy W34 1108
    23. d-rew12 w36 1101 

    24. TheIntelligentHoodwinker wTBC! 1109

    25. Dondurian w33 1109


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