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  1. get a PO box, have them shipped there; soak and dry when she's not around and place them in your closet; wait a while and then when you wear them the first time and she asks if they are new, say "these?  oh no, they've been in my closet a while"; if she interrogates you further (when was the purchase made?  what was the cost? why do you need more raw denim when you already have 5 unsoaked and several lightly worn pairs?) it's might be time to decide between your wife and denim; hopefully you make the right choice!

    I see you've done this before. ;)

  2. Hi Edmond,


    Thanks for the info on the FC and 666 question. I also wear a size 34 on the 666 (triple works version) so a sized down 1108 sounds really interesting to me. Now the only question is how to hide this purchase from my wife.


    Thanks again.



  3. Hello, very surprised to find this thread, just a short introduction, I'm the one who run things in Sage.

    We're still a small scale brand from Indonesia, with a team of two who runs everything  ^_^

    Thank you for those who support and helping us out to introduce Sage in this forum!


    If you guys allow me, i will post some of our article later on in this thread, is that cool?

    Anyway about our website, we'll update them in September along with our latest product,

    so at the mean time, we'll update stuffs at Darahkubiru (Largest indonesian denim forum).


    Well well, some eye candy :



    Those beast have sold out for now, and will be restocked on September!

    Hi Nineater,


    Your denim looks great. I'm thinking of getting one but can you tell me what you think is your slimmest pair of jeans.



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