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  1. Suitedupmon


    They look really good @julian-wolf -- keep us posted about the stretch/measurements after a few weeks. I'm definitely interested in getting a pair.
  2. Suitedupmon

    SugarCane 1990's M-Series Archive

    What top do you have on in this pic, @MJF9? Great fit.
  3. Suitedupmon

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    @Broark @MJF9 He told me that the tees in size 40 wont be available for a couple of months. So, I went ahead and pre-ordered a front closed jumper... lol. He was very responsive, and if anyone wants a tee in size 36, 38, most styles he posted about are available.
  4. Suitedupmon

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Exactly the ones I was looking at. I'll DM and keep you all updated on the response. Thanks!
  5. Suitedupmon

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Did anyone see the slew of new tshirts that YM Factory has been posting on Instagram (I see that @Broark has liked a few of the posts)? I have no idea where to order anything from YM Factory besides Matin. Any leads?
  6. Suitedupmon

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Stevenson, LVC, Stevenson, Lone Wolf
  7. Suitedupmon

    Samurai Jeans

    I received all my yahoo knowledge from @Double 0 Soul. I have never placed a bid on yahoo though, only outright bought something using Zenmarket. I feel like other folks around here might know. Good luck! Hope you get them.
  8. Suitedupmon

    Samurai Jeans

    Are you a W33 @spidereye? https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v744520993
  9. Start of labor day weekend and glad to be off of work on Monday. Starting it off with a classic to get me prepared for the beautiful weather we are supposed to be having.
  10. Suitedupmon

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    Fullcount and Lone Wolf
  11. Suitedupmon

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Coming to terms with my weight gain. I have to sell this BNWT 'Golden Gate Jacket'. Thought I would offer it here, before I placed it on Grailed. PM if you're interested: .
  12. That didn't help at all...thanks . I'm familiar with Teruo Nakano's Computer Love cover. Both are amazing...
  13. I cannot shake the jpop/rock kick I've been on. Starting my morning with this gem:
  14. Suitedupmon

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Small update on my Carmel 220's at ~6 months of wear and regular washing. Not looking at good as @youngofthesoonest's pair yet, but I'm loving their evolution nonetheless. The color on third and last pic are a little wonky. I'm so enamored with the curved pockets, the stylized belt loops, and stitching on these jeans. They are probably the pair I've received the most compliments on.
  15. Wow. Where has this been my whole life. Where should I begin with Martin Rev?
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