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  1. 16 hours ago, heyson said:

    Beautiful @tewsday. How tight/loose of a fit are they on you?

    Thanks @heyson. They honestly fit me perfect and is a relatively loose fit (what you’d expect from a R01 classic straight jean). They did shrink a bit from the washes/soaks, but nothing significant. I’ll be sure to post an updated fit pic when I get the chance. To get an idea, I posted a fit of me wearing them new a while a back (link below): 


    I see you also have the same pair. You’re making good progress on them. Keep wearing em hard

  2. On 6/15/2021 at 9:33 AM, reallypeacedoff said:

    My first thought was "What a find!" too.

    My first time in the SESF store was when these dropped, didn't have my size at the time.

    How's a 34 measure?

    Ah, that's unfortunate they didn't have your size then. I remember these didn't really sell out right away until a few months later, but it's still crazy to think that these came out 13 years ago. I was still in high school! 

    The size 34 measures pretty good all around, but it's a Japanese slim-straight so the front and back rise are a bit shallow and the thighs are slimmer; However, I took that into consideration when searching for a pair and sized up (I'm a true 32) so it's still loose enough for me to wear comfortably. Luckily this pair has only been cold rinsed once as they are unsanforized so they'll most likely shrink more with hot washes/soaks, but I'll probably be only cold rinsing these moving forward. 

    Overall, I'm very happy I was able to pick these up and add them in my collection. I'm not sure when I will be breaking them out though as I've just been religiously wearing my Roy x SE R01s, which is a super slow fader. I also have a brand new pair or Sugar Cane BSPOW Okinawa I still need to break in. 

    Too many Jeans not enough legs lol...

  3. If it starts not being fun, I’ll have to reevaluate what I’m doing.” - ROY

    Sad that this day had come. Bummed I couldn’t pick up a shirt, but grateful I own a few of his jeans. His work is truly magical and every piece he’s made is a masterpiece.

  4. 14 minutes ago, julian-wolf said:

    ^ what was the R01 if not relaxed–tapered? It’s one of my favorite cuts, but, if anything, my main complaints about it are that it’s too relaxed up top and too tapered towards the hem 

    Isn’t the R01 considered Classic Straight? I own several “Relax Tapered” jeans, and when comparing them to Roy’s R01 cut they are completely different. I do enjoy the more roomier all around shape for the R01, but I feel the leg opening has barely any tapering, if any 

  5. This has been long overdue, but I decided to snap some fit pics of my Roy XX20 that I recently purchased from @Smallrod. Thank you for such a smooth transaction!

    These are size 32 and was machine washed twice by Smallrod (quick wash setting on HOT, no spin, and air dried). I believe all the shrinkage has been accounted for; however, I will be washing/soaking these in cold water moving forward.

    As for the fit, I love it. About 4 inches were hemmed off and the length is just perfect after the two hot washes as it allows me to cuff just one time or leave it uncuffed without too much stacking. It still has the classic straight look, but is tad bit slimmer compared to my ROY x SE Cloth Patch and my R01SAIL. For reference, I am 6’1 about 170lb.

    The fabric on the XX20 is really nice and is completely different from Black Seed. It is definitely more airy, almost like a loose-tension weave that has a slight slub/texture to it. The fabric is also more of a deep blue in real life, which I really enjoy. From the looks of it, I feel this new fabric will fade a lot quicker than Black Seed.

    Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and really happy to add these to the collection. Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out in a few months/years.

    Note: Please don’t mind the unfinished baseboards as we are currently remodeling the flooring.




  6. Hello all, I was hoping if any of you LVC enthusiasts have any info/knowledge on the Vintage Levi's Hudson Bay Trucker Jacket? I don't see this jacket being discussed a lot on forums/threads. I have a few inquiries below regarding this jacket that I hope someone from this community will have knowledge of and can answer. Thanks so much in advance!! 

    1. Is this an authentic Levi's x Hudson Bay Jacket from the 80's? I know that Levi's did a collaboration with Hudson Bay on a Type III which released a couple years back, but there is no confirmed info on when the vintage version released and how far it dates back. Also, the Levi's label is something that I've never seen before (see image below), which throws me off. 
    2. Is the vintage version an actual collaboration with Hudson Bay or did Levi's just chose a lining that looks identical to the Hudson Bay colored stripes?
    3. This one boggles my mind the most: I noticed that 99% of the vintage versions of this jacket has the 'Levi's' red chest tab cut off. Is there a reason for this?
    4. Any additional knowledge on this jacket, its history, and how to date it will be greatly appreciated. 




  7. Any thoughts on whether Roy would ever produce shirts/tops again? I recently read a post on Reddit discussing a Roy x Self Edge denim jacket that was possibly in the works, but never made it through the pipeline for some reason. Would love to hear thoughts as I (and I'm sure the majority of us here) have been yearning for a Roy shirt/top as of late. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Broark said:

    So far I think I like the XX20 more because it's a little looser weave and differs from anything I own from Roy.
    XUVS almost reminds me more of the denim used on the original KS1001 run, but less hairy and a little flatter in appearance.

    Nice fit on both, Broark. How would you say the denim compares to Black Seed? 

  9. Congrats to everyone that snagged a pair! My regret for not purchasing a pair is getting real. If anyone has the XX20 or XUVS in size 32 or 33 that they want to part ways with, please shoot me a PM.

  10. On 4/13/2019 at 6:15 AM, owlofminerva said:

    These look great!  I sized down for the test lots, which (I think) are the same cut, and I’m wishing now that I had picked these up and either gone tts or maybe even sized up.  It’s cool that you can get such different fits from the same cut.

    What is that jungle fatigue shirt, btw?  Army surplus, or Japanese repro?

    Thanks! Apologies, I have not logged on for a few weeks. Yes, I definitely agree on the various fits you can get with Roy denim. You should upload a fit of your test lots. Would love to see them! 

    The shirt is the 3sixteen Olive BDU. The material is really nice and the nep is unreal. It’s one of my go-to shirt for spring/summer nights or fall.

  11. Finally had some time to take a couple fit pics of my SE x R01 (size 33). I personally like this relaxed fit, but will be doing a hot soak/sun dry to get some shrinkage out. I will upload post-soak fit pics when I get the chance... 


  12. I purchased a pair online over the weekend. I really wanted to stop by SESF and try it on before purchasing, but I was too impatient considering it’s an hour and half drive for me. I’ve been eyeing Roy’s work since 2010 ish; however, I was never able to afford any of his products since I was still in high school. This is my first Roy purchase so I’m pretty excited to own a piece of his creation. 

    I am contemplating whether I should double up and keep one archived considering black seed denim’s near extinction. I may just wait and see what Roy drops next, but we shall see how fond I am of the denim when I see them in person.

    I personally like the straight taper fit as I usually lean towards looser fitting jeans/pants with cuffs. I will provide fit pics when it arrives. 

    I am planning to do an initial cold soak just to get the shrinkage out of the way. I am curious to know what everyone else is planning to do: an initial soak prior to wearing, or just wear it right out the bat with the just the rinse-state? 

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