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  1. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    I am the manufacturer of this belt. It is made of oak bark bridle leather by J.&F.J. Baker.
  2. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    RЯL slim fit after about 5 years of irregular wearing
  3. Warehouse

    Warehouse Lot 800 after a year and a half of wearing
  4. Belts

    New belts made of beautiful oak bark leather from J&FJ Baker.
  5. Belts

    My belt, worn for about three years and exactly the same new bespoke belt. And one more photo of my belts – a wonderful demonstration of how beautiful the patina of the oak bark bridle leather looks.
  6. TCB

    I sold my 711 without having a fade on them.
  7. Belts

    J&FJ Baker Australian Nut oak bark bridle leather
  8. Belts

    J&FJ Baker London oak bark bridle leather. J&E Sedgwick Dark Havana bridle leather.
  9. Belts

    J&FJ Baker dark stain oak bark stirrup leather.
  10. Belts

    J&FJ Baker dark stain oak bark bridle leather.
  11. Belts

    lance Thank you very much!
  12. Belts

    J&FJ Baker oak bark bridle leather with solid brass buckle after a year of wearing.
  13. Belts

    No, not from Charlie. I'am a leather artisan and all the belts that I show are made by me.
  14. Belts

    J.&F.J. Baker oak bark bridle leather in London Tan.
  15. Hand made English bridle leather belts

    J&FJ Baker Australian Nut oak bark bridle leather. Stainless steel West End buckle. Hand stitched with Fil Au Chinois thread, edges are hand painted in black. - 32 mm (1 1/4") wide - size 31, belt length without buckle 103 cm - the length from the buckle neck to the middle hole 87.5 cm - 5 holes, 2.5 cm between the holes - 4.5 mm full grain bridle leather $135 shipped