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  1. I have a 3 month old belt I can snap a pic of. Its darkened somewhat and has indigo all over the rough side. Im gonna need to be stealthy though because I guarantee my co-worklers just wouldnt understand why Im taking a pic of my belt in an empty cubicle.

    **just realized you are looking for a saddle tan. Mine is natural

  2. am I just too much of a newb to be a bit shocked that the Mister Freedom Engineer boots cost $950.? dont get me wrong,m they are nice, but I would think at that price, a Wesco would fit the bill a bit better.

  3. I had to explain to my wife that the $250 i was spending on Red Wings was going to be cheaper in the long run. Rebuilding footwear is just a foreign concept to most people. She has blown through 6 pairs of Toms to my one $60 resole

  4. i always wondered about people prefer to go for a rebuild which costs more than half as much as a brand new pair. i can understand if it's just a re-heel or adding a toppy which comes pretty cheap, but £200 sounds like quite a bit of money in comparison with how much they cost brand new. no offence but i've just always been curious about this being able to justify the amount. the only time that i have considered doing a rebuild was for a pair of tricker's on a vibram moreflex sole. one of the reasons i can think of why people pay that much is that they have formed some emotional attachment to that single pair and how they already look great aged. beyond that, are there any other reasons?

    coleslawyum, are you located in the US? the boots i remember you own are vintage chippewa's, beckman's, AS's and buco engineers and i can see why you send these halfway round the world for a resole. do you own any white's? if you do, you will probably send them back to white's for a rebuild right?

    once again, no offence to anyone. just a curious mind at work.

    I hear you. One thing though, is this boot game we are all into doesnt make sense to most people. we obsess over finish, details etc.. that most people don't even know exist. Im sure most of us would think twice about spending the same amount we paid on a boot to get it rebuilt the way we want it to, but sometimes thats the only option. I dont have any experience with it, but I know some engineer boots just cannot be found with a certain toe. If one has the money to have a boot rebuilt to look the way they want, with an agreeable fit, then its worth it to them. It doesn't make much sense on paper, but thats the story of our lives. Just my 2 cents

  5. i can appreciate an English boot. In fact, I need a "one English boot to rule them all" type of boot in my meager collection. Im very attracted to Trickers, but not sure if I want a plain style or something brogued the fuck out.

    Im really digging these...


  6. I was under the impression that in order to get any kind of luster or shine out of CXL, you need to work at them for a bit and put in some time polishing them. I put some obenaufs on a piece of black CXL, and it just drank it up and kept its matte finish.

  7. any of you folks know about limmer boots? a family friend of mine who knows a whole mess about hiking/ boots recommends these to the highest degree. if any of you folks are looking for some serious hikers, and want an american made pair that rivals viberg's prices, here's the company for you!



    i read about them before. They are pretty much the real deal of what teh Danner Mountain Light used to be. If I needed a heavy duty hiker, they would probably be in my list of choices.

  8. really wanted some leather laces from white's (bakers, actually) and they're $6, but $10 for shipping! wish i ordered them with my shoes to stop the hassle.

    Im sure you could find some locally, yea?

    but what you need to do is post up some pics of your SD's...its been about a month now, right?

  9. I finally got around to treating my 1.5 year old RW 3141's with Obenauf's. They cleaned up nicely. They were looking a bit ragged prior to treatment. I mentioned previously that I had the original sole replaced because an escalator chewed up the crepe sole. I had Vibram 2021 slapped on instead of the OEM rubber/crepe Euro traction sole.


  10. finally pulled the trigger on a pair of white's. cannot believe it took me so long to get a pair.

    opted for the 6" bounty hunter over semidress since my aldens already function as "semidress" shoes.

    Nice. I went with an 8" bounty hunter/smokejumper. The wait is almost too much

  11. Hi,

    Thank you danisisdead for your advice..

    Just to confirm agian, does anybody here have the postman oxford version, danisisdead adviced on the postman chukka version, should this model have the same fitting as the oxford model? I am using sz US10 for NIke/Vans, and is pllanning to purchase the Red Wing 101 Postman Oxford model online, and need advice on sizing.

    Thank you

    Take this for what its worth. The Red Wings that I have (3141) are built on the same last as the 101. I wear a 10.5D in them. I also wear a 10.5D in Nike Free, and just about every other shoe on the face of this earth. my right foot is just short of 28 cm. A smaller shoe size would not fit me. Therefore, I would recommend the same size as you normally wear, but thats just my opinion based on my experience. Best bet is to order two sizes and keep the best fitting.

  12. Help a br0 out: I see people mentioning so and so made them a new wallet etc... who here does this kind of thing? I have a unique need for a custom made leather case that I am having a hard time finding anyone to help with. I dont meant to hijack, derail, come across as search-lazy (even though I am) so PM me if necessary. Thanks in advance...

  13. But to add to this thread something of value, anyone considering Danner Mountain Lights (mostly the Stumptown series) be warned. They are only offered in EE width, and if you are a D width, you will be swimming in them. Danner gave me a lame excuse as to why they only offer them in EE width. They said that the demographic that buys the boots do not care about fit. That is what they said to me. Regardless of fashion, be aware that there is no excuse for ill fitting footwear. They recommend sizing down half a size to "compensate" for the EE width, but the last they are built on gets pretty narrow at the toe box, so that might not be a reasonable solution. It wasnt for me, so I ended up with a true to size D width Danner and it fits much better, but not perfect.

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