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  1. well, along with the addition of the suspender buttons, I suspect I got someone else's jeans as these measure up to 33" after wash.  I had a size 36 originally, so it should be 35.5" roughly.  I cant wear these.  

    I'll wait to see if anyone else received a pair of 36's without suspender buttons and try to work something out with them.  otherwise, Im done.  

  2. Just to continue my salty attitude, here's a pic of the God damned mailman attempting delivery but because my wife decided to take her only trip of the year to the garage at that exact same time, I get to experience the joy of the dysfunctional postal system here in the USA by waiting in line behind the elderly and clueless. 




  3. 8 hours ago, Foxy2 said:

    my opinion:

    This is what normally happens when infringing registered trademark designs - that we got away with it for a couple of months entitles nobody to anything.
    Usually, at this stage the show would have been over - no refund, no re-placement, potential penalties...

    I don't care about the standard lining and the new arcs on the replacement pair - I care about the jeans (same denim, same cut) and I'm happy that Inoue was able to finance a new run (materials, labour, shipping) out of his own pocket.
    That he had to cut corners (timing, cost) to make that happen is regrettable but justified.

    I feel you, and at my core agree with a lot of what you said but had I known I get to pay $70+ extra for what is a run of the mill model I would have opted for a refund. Don't get me wrong, I'm honestly relieved that the situation was resolved, but at the end of the day I didn't infringe on any trademark So I'm having a hard time just accepting that as a casualty of the situation. Regardless, I'm actually quite conflicted towards my feelings. I don't like how I feel about it but I feel like I've been put into a position that traditionally I would have avoided but because things got messy I'm stuck. I'm sure I'll get over it but it's just disappointing all around. 

  4. man, I dont know at this point.  We paid $245 for these, can get some normal 20's from Denimio for $200, whick is what these are basically, considering the patch has about 4 more washes before its illegible.  Add on the shipping back costs...


    I'm in a bad mood about this to be honest.  Im going put myself on a time-out for a bit because at this point I'm just gonna sound like an asshole.  Plus the assholes at USPS didnt deliver, just left a note...


    Im not mad at any of you beautiful people involved.  I'm just aggravated at the whole affair more than anything and like a terrone, I'll hold a Full grudge against he who shall not be named until it becomes unreasonable and makes no sense haha.  You can Count on that!




  5. On 2/1/2018 at 2:45 AM, volvo240thebest said:

    so this is what I've agreed with Inoue.

    Who's opting for an exchange will receive a pair which will have:

    • special own design arcs (cat ear design)
    • special pocket fabric

    I've even asked if he could slap another special patch, but he has them anymore, and printing a new batch for a limited number of jeans is not possible.


    in reference to my OOF comment above...

  6. i understand your reluctance Volvo but in this day and age fuck it get your money back.  I bought a book from a well known magnum photographer and had to do the same.  Didnt ship ever, kept saying he would but it never came.  I filed a claim and it came within a week from London.  I have no patience for selling something but cocking up the buying process.  Unless specified in advance, i expect the product within 10 working days max, no matter where in the world you are.  Cutthroat!

  7. 2 hours ago, goodrain said:

    Thanks, Monk! I think I will grab a pair of 32s. Just need to go home and figure out the inseam part. So we are supposed to give them our desired length post wash, even though the jeans will come raw?

    yes.  they have this down to a science so dont worry

  8. 26 minutes ago, goodrain said:

    How did you size? So a tagged 32 will stretch back out to a 32 waist?

    i just go by their chart.  I never size my jeans with the end fit being reliant on severe stretching.  I want to wash, dry and put on with no gymnastics required for a comfortable fit.  

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