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  1. I give up on SDA jeans.  The rises are just too low for me.  I recently bought a pair of 36 SDA_101 as a cheap kick around denim from Denimio and the rise is like .5" lower than stated.  So if anyone wants a size 36 SD-101 never worn (washed and hemmed) lemme know

  2. can anyone share their experience sizing the White's Oxford?


    It would be especially helpful if anyone could compare them to Nick's Boots, White's Bounty Hunter or Red Wings

    so I have a smoke jumper and a pair of oxfords.  both 10D.  The oxford was a bit loose in the heal so I had them slim it to a C width but in all honesty they are about the same.  


    I will add that I got these 3-4 years ago and the SJ's are cleanly constructed, not at all like some of the gargabge Whites spit out and people tried to justify.  The Oxfords on the other hand are sloppy.  Wonky stitching in places and some glue stuck to the rough out leather.  That said they are bulletproof.  

  3. i got a pair of moleskin Orslows at Standard and Strange the other week or so and I love them.  Not denim, but its nice to have an alternative fabric to wear,  That said, Im not sure the cut, and I sized up one because I had no choice but a belt solves that issue and the extra room feels nice...

  4. I would say the 35 is the tagged 36. Just got another pair that I am eventually happy with. Went for the one wash w36 which has turned out perfect. Had raw w36 which didn't shrink enough and raw w34 which are too tight.

    woould love real world waist, thigh and front rise measurements if you can...

  5. What's the word on Truman? I've been out of the game for a while...Seems like Whites x Viberg x Oak Street styling? How does the build compare? Not buying, just interested :)


    In other news, my daily beater White's' pull tab finally ripped off. 4 years going strong and they haven't even seen a heel replacement. Craziest quabaug and vibram soles I've owned, I've had other pairs wear down at 20x the rate, and I wear these at least 2/3 of the year...

    i have no idea who they are, how long they have been around but I did handle a pair at Standard and Strange the other day.  Very nice looking boots, seem well made.  I would say the construction is generally on par or cleaner than Viberg, but the only Vibergs I have seen are the garbage they spammed out at the peak of their popularity when the QC dept seemed to go on vacation.  They are not as heavy as the Boondockers I have seen, but they are heavier than my pair of Alden dainty ballet slippers for him Indy's.  The waxed flesh leather they used is teh shit though.  I will get this leather the next time I get a new pair of boots for sure

  6. Tezomeya had a trunk show in San Francisco in Tuesday and Wednesday so I decided to swing by.  Ended up getting another t-shirt (ebizome-iro) and a long sleeve henley (Miru-iro).  Got my wife a Toki-iro scarf/muffler.  Met Jonathan and chatted with Masaaki Aoki who was a really nice guy.  Love what Tezomeya is doing and some of the non shirt stuff like the mountain parka is really cool.  Knowing myself, I will eventually end up with one of each color...



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