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  1. Copped the army fatigue pants the other day. Love what orSlow is doing. I size up one for comfort and because my gut has expanded over the past few months. Excuse the disaster, we are under construction and shit is out of control haha


  2. On 2/28/2017 at 10:52 AM, Bobbo said:

    I'm looking to get a new hoodie, preferably with a zipper that doesn't cost me a shitload like Iron Heart. I liked the McCoys one I tried on in Tokyo, but I'd like to hear about other solid choices before I bite the bullet.

    What's your favorite hoodies? What should I check out?


    they are not Japanese but Reigning Champ are great.  I was very underwhelmed by the Strike Gold hoody i bought.  I mean I got decent wear out of it but its lifespan was pathetic compared to others I have.  I wore the elbows out to the point they just blew out.  I have put easily 2x the wear into the Reigning Champ sweatshirt and there's no holes.   

  3. god damn, Ive been trying to reply to this thread for days but there was some fucking quote stuck (of course I was quoting Maynard) in the reply box and I couldnt do anything.  Now I figure out the clear editor box and it works.  for fucks sake...

    I just wanted to bitch about the Wolverine 1000 mile.  I hate it.  Nero's look better because of the toe design but I always find that its shaped funny, creases funny and generally looks weird.  The way they crease makes each pair look too small for the wearer.  

  4. On 2/10/2017 at 5:37 AM, JDelage said:

    Anyone has any experience with Gustin / Taylor Stitch? I understand they're not in the same class as TFH or IH but then the price is cut in half too. E.g.,




    taylor stitch is nice, cant speak on Gustin.  I drop into Taylor Stitch every time Im in the area (Mission in SF) and their shirts are well made. Never owned one however

  5. 9 minutes ago, Geeman said:

    Thats a very good question!

    Do you think it's a translation issue? I don't know if online shopping is big in the bigger city's given the proliferation of stores to visit so perhaps the websites are an after thought?

    I dont think its translation related as I have clicked around in the original non-translated Japanese and its still bad.  You might be right about the preference to go in-store but I still feel that even if that were the case the websites are generally sub-par even for that.  I had to click through 12 pages of Studio D t-shirts on PSA to find a wabash work shirt.  The SS version was like 8 pages previous LOL.    

  6. Why do Japanese denim brand/sellers web sites generally suck?  I'm specifically talking about (although I have gotten great service from them by just e-mailing) Pants Shop Ave and Pirates.  Even Full Count and to a lesser degree Warehouse web sites are just a drag to navigate.  Poorly laid out, require a ton of click-through, and drilling down like they were built in Excel and transferred to a web format.  Why is this?  

  7. 14 hours ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    That wasn't my intention but I suppose everything has its price!

    everything = Maynard

  8. On 1/22/2017 at 7:13 PM, Quoise1203 said:

    Is BiG going to stop carrying full count? Went on their website for the first time in a few months and they have no stock of jeans, just a few obscure shirts and accessories, some marked down quite a bit. 

    I asked this same question in the small questions thread.  Consensus was that they seem to be drifting away from the standard 13.7 oz denim cuts due to Denimio whoring them all over the place for so cheap.  They will be concentrating on collaborations or special runs...


    That said, Im sitting in a pair of 13.7oz 1101's and love them.  

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