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  1. I've heard some horror stories about eikaiwa teachers, not the best position to be in sometimes. Always good to diversify over time, otherwise you just become a zombie. Honestly teaching english is fun, depending on what school/location you teach in

  2. If you guys want some advice on topics like this and more, subscribe to my Youtube page. I specialize in consulting/coaching in areas like: stress management, career/life balance, career management strategies, women, etc.


    I tend to upload once or twice a week, but I try to help out as much as I can.

  3. I'm using the Monkey Princess. I am trying to learn shun, he just has a lot of stances that you really have to utilize. I don't know why people hate against Eileen lol, her damage output isn't as bad as other characters.

    She's gdlk.

  4. This is the TRUTH. No other game can surpass that of the Virtua Fighter... I'm sad now that SBO may no longer run it's yearly tournament after this year... :(.. I hope they change their mind.

  5. Hey everyone, just updating my page here.

    So for all the Uniqlo T-000 skinny tapered jeans, measurements are as follows:

    Waist: True size 29 - Actual = 15 inches which is 30.

    Thigh: 8.3 inches

    Cuff: 6.5"

    Crotch/Front rise: 10.5"

    Back Rise: 12"

    Inseam: 32"

  6. Good Evening everyone and happy new year.

    Since it's 2012 I've decided to let go of items I did not wear throughout the past year. All items are USED and have been worn on numerous occasions.

    Item #1: +J Khaki's ($22.00)

    -Used (seldom worn)

    -Size 29 x 32 (73cm)

    any more details let me know


    Item #2: Uniqlo T-000 Skinny fit tapered jeans (Dark Grey) - $10.00

    -29 x 32 (73cm)

    -Worn a lot (noticable wear at the bottom of the pant leg. Salt residue which can be washed off)


    Item #3- Uniqlo T-000 Skinny fit tapered jeans (Khaki) - $13.00


    -Worn a lot(noticable at the bottom part of leg)


    Item#4- Uniqlo T-000 Skinny fit tapered jeans (Wine red) $19.00

    -29x32 (73cm)

    -Seldom worn (pretty much in great condition)


    Item #5 - American Apparel slim fit jeans (white) [bN] - $50.00


    Final Item- Burgus Plus raw Japanese Denim ($60.00) Reg price: $200.00

    -Worn on occasion.

    -Noticable wear around the croch, and bottom part of leg.


    Shipping to Canada: $4.00

    Shipping to US: $5.00

    International: $7.00

    Any other questions, please feel free to ask. I'm willing to provide all the details as requested.

  7. Bogie,

    I can see why many people seem to have somewhat of a distaste for your fits/photos. For starters, every photo you post looks really contrived rather than free flowing. It's like you're trying to impress the viewers with how many poses you can come up with.

    I suggest just taking a photo and refrain from doing such gawky poses. Good day.

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