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  1. lol Dj. I know you're just trolling, but you can earn stacks by building a portfolio around relationships, and building strong connections.

    For me, because I've been through a lot, my stacks revolve around people as opposed to the physical paper that we're all so obsessed over. I'd rather be robbed of my money than to be robbed of my experiences with the people I care about. When I'm dead and gone, that money means shit, but my inspiration upon others will last them a lifetime.

    Winning or losing are not the point to me anymore. What matters is what lies between them, and that is the lessons you've gained from both. The real merit is knowledge and experience. Money should only be a reward of your experiences, not the goal.

    Being "rich" should be a by-product and not the mission.

  2. People need to get off this hedonistic treadmill, and start living their lives. Dreams are made from within, don't let societal values diminish your core values. True happiness is not achieved by obtaining material goods, but rather it is achieved by realizing the immense wealth surrounding you...

    Your family, faith, friends, and your passions (expressing oneself). If you want to do something, DO IT before it's too late.

    The true wealth of life is to give away yourself. Now I don't mean this in the sense that one should sell ones body to gain respect, notoriety, etc . What I mean is to EXTEND yourself towards others. Direct your attention to the hearts of others and extend your passions upon them, truly open their eyes and inspire them.

    They say money can't buy happiness, and part of me wants to say it can. It's all about HOW you utilize the money that matters. Instead of always giving to yourself, deposit your wealth of knowledge into the minds of the youth, and invest your time in educating those around you.

    I personally have been through plenty of tough times relating to financial stress, and through those turbulent times it really allowed me to accept the fact and enjoy my surroundings. It really opened my eyes with regards to who my true colleagues were, and those who were captivated by the values embedded by society. Because of the lack of funding, it brought me closer to my family because they became my support structure and I realized that when all the money is gone, you still have your core values which is faith and family.

    Wealth should not be portrayed by how much of a stack you have, but rather the wealth that lies within. Wealth should not be governed by the size of ones pocket, but rather the size of ones heart.

    One other thing I realized and perhaps some of you can attest to this, but it came to my attention that the people who you expect to help you don't, but the people who hardly know you are the ones who are willing to lend a helping hand and create a lasting effect on your life.

  3. Well, E3 yet again despite popular demand has become a poop fest. There wasn't anything that really enthralled me aside from Watch dogs and the last of us. Some of the indie games like the unfinished swan were cool, but ubisoft in whole just tore shit apart.

    You know things go to shit when a publisher/developer surpasses major company announcements...

    Well, time to pack my things and get ready for TGS

  4. wow 37k is real low lol. Not surprised though since he's not heavily used as many of the other characters. There's one Hakan that is just amazing right now, his name's kaji hakan.. around 20k+ but his Hakan is deadly.

    Fast forward to 20mins. I can't find the most recent vid of the under 25k pp from acho;; I'll keep searching.. It's probably under Zero3Japan..

  5. I don't know who either of those people are lol. All I'm saying is that I'm going to grind away in the arcades. Akimo and Heijoutei are considered the best DeeJays in the arcade scene atm. I've seen more Akimo play in the arcades, Hei I see more on XBL..

    There's another DeeJay that I've seen play at GameAcho named Leonardo, but he plays like 3 other characters

  6. I have to agree that Ikebukuro despite not having high end choices, still carry a fair amount of decent housing for a pretty reasonable price. Share houses aren't so bad, it really all depends on the people living there. If you're the type of person who's a bit more private about their surroundings, then yea sharing a house isn't the greatest of options.

    But the benefit of it is that you build friendships fairly quickly. I remember checking up on some share houses and Borderless house/Oak House have some pretty good looking housing for a fair price (50,000-70,000円)monthly.

  7. Oh yeah? That's great! I should be down there around the end of July once I get all of my documents together. I can't say Ikebukuro 100%, but I did ask the company if I could be placed there or around the area. Omiya is too far from my friends place and Kashima is even further.

  8. What's'wrong?

    Just the shoes my dude. The initial look you were going for was good, but the hi top sneakers just ruined the look all together. It doesn't compliment the rest of your outfit, and due to the boxy look of the shoes and the slim silhouette it just doesn't match. I'd go for a lower cut of shoe like loafers, derbys, etc..

  9. Breakbot,

    If you're trying to develop a casual look, don't just throw in mmm sneaks for the sake of it. You ruined that look with those kicks. At least put on a pair of loafers or something..Drop the sneaks.

  10. If you're approaching a target from a group, just go right in and introduce yourself. A lot of men make the mistake of seeing a group and then try to isolate the girl off the bat, only to get shit on by the friends. Just make your approach cool, walk in and talk to the whole group. Your issue doesn't seem to be in the approach, it's about isolation that seems to be an issue.

    When you open a set, try to be creative and not boring like every other person out there. Strike up conversation by asking random questions. Once you've earned the trust of her group, then just slowly adjust your movements towards her and give her cues to show her you mean business. Kindly ask her friends that you'll be taking her away for a few minutes, then work your magic..By cues I mean non-verbal... use kino type stuff (use your leg to touch hers, palm reading, etc)

  11. Raj hit the nail on the head.

    Despite having a high percentage in terms of success, that other 60% can get you fucked out of a job, or leave you in a really bad position if the relationship went sour.

    If it goes well, then kudos to you for keeping it under raps. But if you even break one of the 10 emotional needs of a woman, one of them being security/protecting her image (reputation) you're in for hell. I was in this situation when I used to work at Starbucks way back when. Had close ties with this one girl whom I worked with, and at some point word got out of our little fling, and shit didn't go too well..

    I'd keep relationships outside of work and stay away from these work relationships, unless as DjRaj said they're in a separate division. Even then, I'd still keep one eye open like CBS

  12. Personally, I think teaching jobs have their pros and cons all depending on which company you work with. Much similar to DjBento, I've had friends who branched off into their hobby after a few months of teaching English.

    I find the much smaller companies tend to be more flexible in terms of work schedule and location choice, which allows you more time to do some exploration and to at least enjoy your experience while down there. The bigger the company, the more rules are imposed upon you, and therefore not allowing you the freedom you would like.

    I find that private 1-on-1 instructing positions are a lot better than full classroom settings because with 1-on-1 you can develop your own schedule, while still making a more than decent pay check monthly. ALT teachers are limited and rigid, can't do shit without getting scolded by the main teacher.

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