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  1. SSchauden I totally agree. The dashi has such a smooth taste, and is very light on the stomach. Compared to other spots that totally destroy the flavor with overwhelming salt, this really hit the spot.


    I especially loved the shrimp dumplings that were included in the dish. 

  2. essentially, most hyped joints with female-heavy lines focus on kawaii/trendiness/novelty rather than quality. Sure, there are exceptions but look at the stupid ass line for cafe kaila in gyre. 


    the only ramen place that's kind of female-heavy that i know of is Afuri in Ebisu. i like their ramen. i wouldn't call it a stand-out but much better than most of the average ramen shops. 


    i agree on warito. the wait is usually not worth it though. pretty easy to get a seat if you go after 130pm. 

    rokurinsha probably has the japan's most absurd line. i think i got there a little before 11 and i was in line for good 1.5 hours on a weekday. most of people who are lined up are kimoi otaku & freetors. 


    Meguro's gonno sukezaka is another ramen hot spot.



    I think this ranking is fairly credible with the exception of Jiros. 麺屋 一燈 I keep hearing about but I've never been. 


    A lot of people are into the Hachioji-style ramen. I've never had it before. Any experience?


    Thanks for the ranking link Herp! 

    I actually passed by Warito with a friend, but it was packed at the time and so we went to another joint just up the street.


    The name was in Kanji mostly, located on the 2nd floor across from Warito. Quality was great!


    The places I've tried on numerous occasions have been:




    Denya (Located in my hometown Shiki)

    Some Curry ramen place in Mizuhoudai.. Blew me away.


    Ueda Ramen (Located in Niiza. Was on TV recently).. Their 焦ãŒã—Miso is sooooo good!


    I've been to a ton more, but can't remember them all

  3. Ok, is there any small joints in Ikebukuro that sell some real cheap gyuudon aside from Yoshinoya and Nakau? I love both, but I want to try some other joints.

    Im hitting up Wakoshi tomorrow also, are there any good spots for grub there?

  4. Yea true, much of the games you mentioned are still consistently strong among the cream of the crop. Everyday I'm on youtube there's a new ST tournament video posted up. and of course theshend. I wouldn't go as far as to say the Japanese don't care much about the scene here, since as of late a lot of jpn newcomers from the scene are starting to pop up (some from the ae scene, etc) in major North American tournaments like EVO.

    But I do see where you're coming from. With such a huge population of Japanese, it's such a small percentage that actually make it out of Japan lol.. with VF coming back into the scene now (i'm hearing the top brad player may show up at EVO) we may see a small influx. Personally, as long as there's competition the Japanese will always pop up.

  5. didn't get bodied imo. xian sent him to losers, but in the ft7 set umehara lost 5 straight using yun & guile before he switched to ryu. final score was 7-5. but he also hasn't been playing that well lately.

    Daigo is slipping. The amount of talent that's coming out of the woodwork not only in Japan, but North America as well is fantastic to see. I don't dislike Daigo, he's an excellent player but man I love me some Fuudo and Itabashi Zangief. Then with the likes of Dieminion really stepping his game up tremendously, gives us more of a chance this time around.

    I read this recent article that Choco Blanka posted on EG, and she speaks about how the scene in Japan is still going strong because of how big it is here in North America. I smell some fresh competition soon

  6. CEO will be hype, but now after hearing that DM Xian bodied Daigo at Singapore majors, it gives me more reason to believe that we'll be seeing a new champ on the scene.

    Still waiting for EVO, I want to see Fuudo go H.A.M. again.

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