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  1. View Advert Visvim Mesa Moc Folk Bison US 9.5 Visvim Mesa Moe Folk bison, size US 9.5. These are truly phenomenal shoes. Based on the incredibly popular Grizzly these are lower cut with the classic Visvim folk sole. Work dressed up or down these are made from Bison leather and are thick and solid. Hand stitched with buckle fastening they really are a quality item from Visvim and will last for truly ages. These were purchased at FIL Sendai via proxy for around $950 and are on a par with the popular grizzly in terms or materials and details. Will come boxed. Advertiser JacktheHat Date 04/17/2017 Price $499.00 Category sneakers  
  2. Visvim Laramie Folk us 9.5

    View Advert Visvim Laramie Folk us 9.5 Love them but they're not getting worn & need space. Super comfortable and really cool summer shoe. Some slightly discolouration around the tops from denim but no major marks. I removed the insoles when I first got them but have put them back in now. Fit pretty much tts. Can be worn flaps up or down. Look great with cropped trews, denim or shorts. Paid around $560 from FIL Sendai. Only made for a couple of seasons, can't buy any more. Will come boxed and with shoe bag. Shoe trees not included. Advertiser JacktheHat Date 04/17/2017 Price $329.00 Category sneakers  
  3. Visvim Foley Folk US 9.5

    View Advert Visvim Foley Folk US 9.5 Foley Folk size US 9.5 Comes with box bag and tags. Really well made high quality leather sneakers based on the famous Stan Smiths. Leather is really soft and supple in a kind of off white with brown suede trim at the back. Great go to shoe for the summer months. Paid around $600 from FIL Sendai via proxy. These are folk and stitched so the soles are replaceable if you send back to Visvim - will supply original receipt so you wouldn't have any problems. Couple of scuff marks here and there & one on the L hand toebox but otherwise in good condition. Instep of the insoles in both shoes has come away slightly but you don't notice it when you're wearing them. Shoe trees not included. Advertiser JacktheHat Date 04/17/2017 Price $279.00 Category sneakers  
  4. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Size US 9.5 Mesa Moc Folk Bison Clay. Worn 3-4 times at most. Comes with box and tags. Retail was around £510 plus proxy etc. Really good quality bison leather, solid construction. £369 posted UK, £379 posted US.
  5. VISVIM SS15

    just over 205k
  6. Visvim F/W14

    Don't think there are any comparable vsns. They've all been different fabrics so far?
  7. Visvim F/W14

    Anyone own the mesa moc-folks?
  8. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Price dropped
  9. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    04D5 black W34L32 Worn these twice but decided I need an 03. With tags and envelope, as good as new. Pics are a good representation of the colour. £sold
  10. Visvim F/W14

    I had the 01 slims in the unwashed indigo and they're nowhere near the 04's. More like 03 but without the taper and a longer rise. Had to send them off to get altered in the end.
  11. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    All prices are shipped UK. Paypal gift or + 4% FBT Geo Patchwork UK8.5. Colour is a lot lighter irl. Worn 3 times - £295 Visvim Yucca Moc UK9 £SOLD Visvim Yucca Moc Mid UK9 £140 Worn a bit but still in great condition. One of the laces has snapped but only to the second set of eyelets. Never replaced but easy to find and do so.
  12. Visvim F/W14

    Mine were 46200 w tax incl last summer (2013)
  13. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Prices dropped
  14. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Prices are incl shipping to the UK. Kilgore Size 3 DMG Navy 13AW. Only worn a few times, as good as new. Photos are pretty true to the colour, more charcoal than navy with nice damage fading. p2p 55cm, sleeve 51, shoulder 45, length 73 £295 Visvim Insignia shirt size 3 Again only worn a handful of times, in great condition. £95