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  1. Yeah P. Scott Coh. is really nice. Dude is always in studio. Lives and breathes arch all day. His presentations are always really entertaining especially when Cameron Wu is around to exchange witty banter with.

  2. ^ Oh, Appleseed. I saw yah boi do his studio presentation at lottery a few weeks ago. His presentation was pretty hilarious. Basically he was like "I'm not gunna try and describe how awesome my class is just take it and find out."

  3. I love it. It has a nice, solid feel to it when you're typing but it's still very thin. It has programmable shortcut buttons at the top and adjustable key illumination. Very, very nice. I recommend. They sell a wireless version too I think.

  4. I found some shitty versions of those locks in the basement of the building but one end doesn't tighten. If you actually took time to think about it you could just slip the cord off the bottom of the monitor by picking it up. I later found the chain and just decided to master lock it tightly so it can't be slipped off. #freesecurity

    edit: I also just like how big and ridiculous the chain is. Clashes low tech with high tech in a great way.

  5. Got a new computer recently. Still getting all the little things installed and put on it between work sessions. Need to add rainmeter still, desktop seems a little bare. branesload whats the name of that chat service you use that puts everything together? You told me once...



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