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    Alright Nic Cage bros, I'm going to make this shirt since there seems to be enough interest. The cost of the shirt will depend on how many people end up ordering, the more people, the less it will cost. So order one for your whole family! Your girlfriend! Your coworkers! Give everyone the joy of Nic Cage. So since the cost isn't set right now, I'll just start taking orders so I can get a tally of how many we need. If you want one, send me a PM with your favorite Nic Cage movie in the subject line, what size you want, how many and where you are located so I can estimate shipping. After a few weeks I'll close orders and deal with things like paypal, cost and shipping.

  2. Alright SuFu, I'm sure a number of you have seen this shirt design floating around and after much searching I could not find a place to buy it. So I'm going to make these myself. So here we go, would anyone be interested in a group buy? I can organize the purchase and distribution I just need an idea of how many people are interested. The price would depend on how many people end up ordering one. The shirts will be printed on plain white american apparel t shirts. Anyone interested?


  3. Sort of late post but I dyed my hair to be David Bowie from The Man Who fell to earth for halloween. I decided to just commit to it so they bleached it out then dyed orange and the front blonde/yellow. My hair definitely wasn't long enough yet so I just had them clean it up a little. The color was most important after all.


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